When you want the classic beauty and performance only wood fencing can provide, look no further than our beautiful round-rail wooden fence.

We do offer Cedar products at many locations across the country. Contact the sales department for more information.

Our 5 Star round-rail fence is made of treated southern yellow pine. Southern yellow pine is the best wood for retaining the life extending chemicals from the treating process. As a result, our very eye pleasing round rail fencing will provide decades of beauty to your property.

More importantly, the aesthetic value of a treated wood fence compared with steel or plastic simply cannot be beat! Whether you buy it because it is so beautiful to look at, or because of it’s long lasting qualities, doesn’t matter. Our round rail fence is a product that will provide enjoyment, structural integrity and beauty for years to come.

To learn more about installation of round rail fencing, just watch our demonstration video.

Round Rail Wood

Welcome to Fence Supply Online’s new product showcase. Today we’re continuing the showcase of our wood products. My favorite thing, as always, about the wood group is that most everyone watching this has the tools you need already in your home and shop to build this fence.

Today we’re going to talk about round rail. Round rail fence is also available in the two and three rail versions. The rails are four inches and then taper down to two inches. Obviously they’re not this short. This is a sample rail, but they’re all pressure-treated with the ACQ product, which is the industry standard for residential pressure treating of the lumber.

One of the things that makes our product special to anyone else, this is a truly turned piece of wood. What does that mean? That means we bring in a five-inch log and turn it down so it is perfectly the same shape beginning to end. There’s no humps, bumps. We don’t take just a four-inch tree and knock the bark off of it, which is a lot of wood that you buy. In fact, you’ll see some post at your local hardware or farm supply store still has pieces of bark on it. Those are just debarked. They still have knots and everything.

This is completely turned down to new wood, and that gives us a uniform every-product’s-the-same. I don’t have to worry about you having two or three bad ones in your batch because you’re getting a true turned, made-for-you product. It’s a fine, fine product. I have received many calls from you guys. I’m very glad to have this product in our stable now.

For more information call Terry or myself, 800-579-8045, extension 1 for sales, 3 for myself. The email is sales@fencesupplyonline.

Thanks so much, have a great day.