“I need a top-class, black, vinyl horse fence for the ranch,” so went the query from a new customer recently.

At Fence Supply Online we love new clients, along with, of course, the loyal ones from many years of trading. As we just paired up with BLACKline, the new client’s timing was perfect for recommending their black vinyl fencing products. Our new customer then wanted to know why BLACKline?

When a query comes in, we usually have an expert ready with an answer and always a few suggestions. With solutions in mind we asked our in-house vinyl people for a number of reasons to choose BLACKline. Their responses helped the customer make an excellent choice in quality fencing.

The top reasons to choose BLACKline black vinyl horse fencing include:

  1. The colors do not fade
  2. They have a great range of styles
  3. A durable product which will not splinter

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The colors do not fade

Every horse fence needs to be visible to the animal, any time of the year.

They gallop around the paddocks and may crash into a fence which blends into the surrounding foliage, sky or snow.

BLACKline developed a black, vinyl line of fencing in which the color does not fade. Nor does it chalk, sag or suffer any distortion.

They add a black color pigmentation, over the recommended high-temperature limits, which will withstand the highest of direct sunlight.

The UV inhibitors also protect the black vinyl when exposed to the sun.

Having such a unique combination of color and heat protection makes the BLACKline vinyl product a world beater in fencing.

Maintaining a BLACKline fence can be as easy as running a hose over it once in a while. Washing does not affect the black color.

They have a great range of styles

We often see that a top-quality product has only one line.

This limits the choice available to the client and makes the product less appealing.

The excellent news for us when linking with BLACKline is their vast range of styles. Now we can offer our clients quality, color stability and a variety of product lines.

Their black vinyl horse fencing includes 2-rail, 3-rail, and 4-rail, which will look great on any ranch.

On top of that they also do a Diamond rail and a Crossbuck rail too, just for those looking for something a bit different.

You also get a choice of post cap styles, so that you can add your personal touch to the fence layout.

On a large fencing project, installing a few different styles can be eye-catching. Breaking up the look and feel of a long fence is sound practice.

Giving yourself a choice is always a good idea when starting out on a fencing project.

A durable product which will not splinter

Wood fencing is a classic of American ranch life, so much so that people are slow to change away from it.

There are also fears of vinyl not being durable and able to withstand the extremes of outdoor life.

BLACKline formulate their fencing products to the highest standards. The impact inhibitors will protect the fence from the horses kicking or crashing against it.

The UV inhibitors prevent sagging and twisting of the vinyl fence.

A fantastic extra with the high-quality BLACKline fencing is that it will not splinter or crack.

The horses will not cut themselves against a BLACKline vinyl fence, which can only be a peace of mind to owners.

BLACKline offer a limited lifetime warranty, which attests to their belief in the quality of their products.

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