Ranch entry gates you can build yourself must be a DIYer’s favorite dream. Every time you drive up to the family home, you will see your handy work doing its job.

Decorative Iron Drive gateIt may surprise you that it is possible to build ranch entry gates yourself, and that there is a range of styles from which to choose.

We get a lot of enquires from ranchers who have nearly finished a fencing project and are thinking about the gates.

‘Have you any ideas in mind?’ our expert will ask, but quite often the client is stuck for an answer

To help we have a few styles of ranch entry gate you can build yourself:

  • Privacy vinyl ranch gates
  • Wooden rail ranch gate
  • Ornamental aluminum ranch gates
  • Getting a gate right for the property

Let’s take a closer look at which style may suit your ranch.

Wooden rail ranch gate

Few ranch gates look as American as the wooden rail ranch gate.

It says homestead and welcome, all at the same time, with its simplicity and its functionality.

You can make a wooden rail ranch gate from the material you use when erecting the fence.

Cut the rails to size and make up a gate of two sections or of just the one unit, whichever you prefer.

The traditional diagonal crossbar, going from corner to corner, gives the structure strength and a touch of decoration too.

Remember to order the fence gate posts when getting your supply of materials.

Privacy vinyl ranch gates

A privacy fence can keep the property secure, while also keep prying eyes from looking over your property.

The privacy gate completes a privacy fence, though one will work with most fence styles too.

You can make the privacy vinyl ranch gate from two vinyl panels and a gate kit.

Order the gate posts and the brackets to fit the gate to the posts when buying your fence.

Remember to leave a suitable gap in the fence for the gate when doing the calculations and add in room for the posts.

Ornamental aluminum ranch gates

Ornamental aluminum ranch gates

Aluminum is a very durable material and really does make for a very secure gateway to the property.

Our ornamental aluminum fence rail panels are ideal for constructing the gate to finish off the fencing project.

You can choose from the flat-top style, which looks great on any ranch gate.

If you want to add an extra layer of security, the spear-topped pickets will do an excellent job.

Clients usually go with a two-gate entrance when it comes to aluminum fences.

The gate fence posts will be carrying a lot of weight, so you will need to secure them deeply into the ground.

As with all materials aluminum will need regular maintenance, but it will not rust, and an annual clean should keep the gate looking like new.

Getting the gate right for the property

How many times do you drive past a ranch and see the biggest gate for the smallest place?

Choosing the right gate style for your property is vital for setting the correct tone for your design.

The gate should match the style of fence and be of the same material, though not always so.

You will also be seeking a sense of security from a fence, while at the same time you will want to avoid the look of the entrance to the county jail.

The gate is the eye of the entrance and should attract attention for the right reasons only.

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