Fun facts about fences could fill a page or two. There are many things about fences that you may, or may not, know or even think about as important. When we talk to clients and drop into conversation the odd fact or two, it can help someone see a lot of sense about what we are talking.

At Fence Supply Online we get a lot of calls, emails, and even letters each day. New clients and the familiar faces who have questions or even ideas they want to run by us. Conversation can go on for a while, and fun facts about fences can lighten the day.

We asked our experts to come up with a favorite list of fun facts about fences. Something to maybe give us a bit to think about or even bring a smile to the face. They didn’t let us down, do they ever, and soon came back with a long list of facts.

Included on this list of fun facts about fences are:

  • It’s a fact: you don’t get the good side of a fence
  • The biggest fence is visible from space
  • If you don’t have a fence, try a moat
  • Fences in popular culture

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

It’s a fact: you don’t get the good side of a fence

If you put up a fence on your property’s boundary, you do not get the good side. No, your neighbor will get to see the fine wood panels without seeing the posts and rails. The same is true alongside the street. Strangers and passersby will get the benefit of the best side of your fence, not you.

Fence law and etiquette rules that the good side must face outwards.

It may be a bit of a surprise, but it is one of those fun fence facts which raise an eyebrow.

The biggest fence is visible from space

We don’t mean that fine fence you put around the pastures and paddocks last year, though no doubt you are proud of it.

No, the biggest fence in the world is the Great Wall of China. Built hundreds of years ago, when space travel was unheard of, the Great Wall still stands tall today.

Many man-made structures are visible from space, but not everyone thinks one of them is a fence.

If you don’t have a fence, try a moat

Early fences were probably made of dirt, mixed with sods and stones. Settlers probably grew quick-growing shrubs along the top for extra height.

An alternative would be a moat. Yes, dig a deep trench around your home and fill it with water for a secure way of protecting the property.

Maybe fill the moat with a few crocodiles just to increase the security levels.

Fences in popular culture

You hear of fences popping up in novels, plays, and movies. Families and countries go to war over fences and, in fact, solve problems over them too.

Sayings such as ‘good fences lead to good neighbors’ or ‘he’s sitting on the fence’ are as valid today as a hundred years ago.

Facts about fences can make you think about how important they are in our lives.

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