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We all like a few good fence building hacks.

It makes doing any job that bit easier, and when it comes to DIY, we all welcome a new hack or two. With fence building, it is not any different. If you are undertaking a new project or trying to finish an existing one, every tip will help.

At Fence Supply Online we get calls nearly every day from clients, both new and old, looking for workarounds. Some of them are easy to answer while others may need a bit of thinking. Just when you think you know all the answers along comes a new question to stump you for a while. Fencing is always throwing up a few curveballs. Hacks will get you through most fencing projects, without the need to cut corners.

Over a coffee recently we started putting down on paper some of our favorite hacks. A list of the best fence building hacks ever, if you like. We wanted to see who had the best ones and did we all agree on them too?

Our list of the best fence building hacks ever includes:

  • Know where the fence is going before you begin
  • Try using vinyl for a change
  • Rent labor-saving equipment
  • Use a contractor

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Know where the fence is going before you begin

It surprises us at Fence Supply Online how many people do not follow this tip.

Get out a map and mark clearly where your fence is going to go on the property. Remember that a straight line is a shorter distance than a wavy one and keep the fence on this line. Do not, however, add to the work by trying to go where the terrain is too harsh. Working around any immovable objects is our big tip.

Knowing where your fence is going on the map will stop you straying onto the neighbor’s property.

An excellent hack is to check with the neighbor before building a boundary fence. Avoiding problems before you begin is always a good idea.

You never know, they may even offer to help too.

Try using vinyl for a change

Often our clients will not even consider a vinyl fence. They think vinyl is a low-quality alternative and will look a bit cheap on the property.

This is not so with modern American-made vinyl. The material will not crack under pressure, and it does not fade or chalk under the heat of the summer sun.

A great bonus, and a real hack, is that vinyl is straightforward to work with when building a fence. The rails will snap into the pre-cut slots in the posts and you will not need to nail, screw or glue them into place.

Vinyl is light too; you can lift the rails on your own and save a lot of labor time on a DIY project.

Rent labor-saving equipment

Often a DIY enthusiast will start on a fencing project looking forward to the hard labor involved. Soon though, all that digging, cutting and hammering can become a chore.

You should consider renting the labor-saving equipment to save you time, effort, and maybe even money in the long term.

A mechanical hole digger will take all the back-breaking work out of the installation. Electric tools cut down on time and always help you do a professional job.

If you try doing all the labor yourself, you may make mistakes as you tire, costly ones too.

Consider using a contractor

Do not let your pride get in the way of this hack.

Hiring a professional contractor can make a lot of sense.

They will do the job in a fraction of the time, and their expertise will show in the final construction.

Knowing when to delegate is a skill every DIY enthusiast should learn.

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