Ornate iron fences add a touch of class and security to a property.

If you are lucky enough to have one on your land you will appreciate the craft and style of the fence, and of its designer.

At Fence Supply Online we love an ornate iron fence. An ornate iron fence will last generations if you care for it; the chances are if you do have one on the property, it was there when you bought your home. For style alone, it is difficult to beat an ornate iron fence.

With this in mind, we asked clients, colleagues and friends for suggestions of the most ornate ones in Texas.

The results are in, and we are delighted with the variety and beauty of all the contributions.

Our list of the four most ornate iron fences in Texas includes:

  1. The State Capitol building Austin
  2. Ashton Villa Galveston
  3. Texas State Cemetery
  4. Houston Heights
  5. Installation and maintenance of an iron fence

Let’s take a closer look at each fence to see the quality of ironwork in the Lone Star State.

State capitol building Austin

TX state capital

If you are paying a visit to Austin, then the Capitol Building is well worth a tick on the must-see list.

When admiring the building take a close look of the ornate iron fencing that keeps the area secure.

The quality of the black iron fencing is remarkable. What really catches the eye are the gold stars which top every single picket of the fence.

The Lone Star reminds you of the history of the state and the traditions of its people.

Apparently, the fence was initially built to keep livestock off the lawns of the buildings.

There is always a use for a good fence.

Ashton Villa Galveston

You may know Galveston from the famous Glen Campbell song of the same name.

Also in Galveston is Ashton Villa, one of the oldest brick built structures in Texas.

The fine building is protected by an excellent example of ornate iron fencing craftsmanship.

The fence and gates match the equally impressive ironwork on the balcony and porch of the building.

If you are looking for ideas for an original iron fence idea for your own home, then this one is well worth a look.

Texas State Cemetery

tx state cemetary

It may not be everybody’s idea of a day out, but a visit to a historic cemetery can surprise you.

The Texas State Cemetery, near the State Capitol Building in Austin, is the burial place of many famous people.

The entrance gates and fence running around the property are great examples of simple, yet ornate iron fence design.

Inside the cemetery, you will find ornate iron fences around the buildings and graves.

Houston Heights

The Heights, as it is also known, is for famous for its historic buildings and streets.

If you take a walk down any of the older streets in The Heights, you will see many types of ornate iron fencing to admire.

The quality of the work encompasses both fencing for purely decorative purposes and for security concerns.

The fence and gates of Donovan Park keep the area safe, while also looking good.

Houston Heights appears on many lists of most walkable neighborhoods and don’t miss the fences when having a scout around.

Installation and maintenance of an ornate iron fence

If you choose an iron fence for the property always go for quality on the finish and production.

At Fence Supply Online we know an ornate iron fence will last a lifetime but only if you care for it from day one.

You should install the fence correctly and insist on it being powder-coated in a color of your choice.

Once in place always keep a close eye on it, and do any repairs immediately.

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