You must apply a fence stain and sealer as part of the annual maintenance. Those who do not, will not get a long-lasting fence. Wood rots if you do not care for it. Rain will seep into the wood and rot the fence from the inside out. Unprotected wood will attract termites and other insects, who will make their home in your fence. With these problems you will not see any signs of damage until it is too late; the fence will begin to fall apart before you notice the rot or termite damage.

“Any tips for applying this stuff?” asked a client of ours recently as he ordered his annual supply of Stain & Seal products.

It is easy to apply Stain & Seal stain and sealer, but as with all jobs it is best to do it properly. Our expert gave the clients the four tips we all agree as being the best way to apply the product.

The list of 4 tips for applying Stain & Seal fence stain and sealer include:

  • Prepare the fence for the stain and sealer
  • Apply the stain and sealer from the top down
  • Let a new fence stand for a time
  • Put a maintenance plan in action

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Prepare the fence for the stain and sealer

Failing to prepare is like preparing to fail, as a wise person once said to the novice.

This is very true when it comes to caring for your fence. If the fence is not in the right condition for taking the stain and seal, the application will not do its job, with the obvious consequences.

You should always clean the fence. Some people use the garden hose or hire a power washer to get all the dirt away. Leave the wood to dry for a few days before you start the application.

Scrape off any growth of mildew or mold to make sure all the wood can fully absorb the stain and seal product.

Only when you have a clean, dry, and fully-prepared fence should you begin the work.

Apply the stain and sealer from the top down

When you are ready, begin the work. Pick a tool of your choice, be it a brush, roller, or a pad, but make sure it is clean too.

Start at the top of the fence and work down; this way you can avoid streaking as the stain and seal dries.

Make sure you get into all the corners, lips and uneven bits of the fence. Under the rails and around the posts are particular places you must cover well with the stain and sealer.

Follow the guidelines carefully on the tin of the Stain & Seal product, as the manufacturer will know best. Often a new fence may take two coats but ask your supplier for more advice.

Slow and sure is the best way to apply the stain and sealer and do not miss any spots.

Let a new fence stand for a time

An essential tip.

When your fence goes up, let it stand for a time before you do any stain and seal work.

The wood will need to settle, and the pores open to take in the stain and sealer.

We also recommend that you apply the stain and sealer in the early morning or late evening. Take a look at the weather channel and pick a cloudy day, without any rain and sun if possible.

Choosing the correct days and weather is key to having the stain and sealer soak deep into the fence.

Draw up a maintenance plan

On top of picking the right stain and sealer, you must also have a maintenance plan.

Pick a time each year when to look after the fence.

Do an inspection, and apply stain and sealer when the wood needs it.

If you use Stain & Seal products the annual maintenance will not take too long, as the wood will be in a good condition.

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