Aurora deck light

Our clients love their decks, and even better they love lighting them with a quality product.

At Fence Supply Online we stock Aurora Deck Lighting, and we’re delighted with the quality of their range.

It is not only the quality though, but the beautiful selection of lighting that appeals. There is an Aurora light for every style of deck, and we tell our clients this daily. Earlier this month the subject came up over morning coffee in the office. Our experts were discussing the Aurora range, and we asked them to draw up a list.

On the list of Aurora deck lighting choices were the following five options:

  1. Mini Vega post light
  2. The Aries solar post cap deck light
  3. Iris Anello pyramid top LED
  4. The Neptune flat top LED
  5. The Corona recessed riser light

Let’s take a closer look at each lighting option.

The Mini Vega post light

A discreet lighting fixture, which is ideal for brightening the steps or the darker spots of the deck.

The Mini Vega post light comes in black, white, bronze, and walnut which gives you options for any color scheme.

Due to its small size, this light can fit nearly anywhere on the deck. This makes it ideal for smaller decks or where you like to complement other lighting in the yard.

It is a 12V, 1W LED and gives a soft light for the early fall evening.

The Aries solar post cap light

Aurora lighting also supplies solar units which are very popular with our customers.

Two significant advantages of solar lighting are that you need not run any wires and they are cheap to operate.

The Aries solar post cap light is a brilliant example of how stylish solar cap lights can be. The bulbs throw out a beautiful glow, and having one on each post will brighten the deck at any time of the year.

Solar post cap lights are easy to install. They fit into an adapter which clips onto any deck post size.

Iris Anello pyramid top LED

Pyramid top post caps are very popular on decks, and the lighting range is second to none.

The Iris Anello pyramid top gives off a square of light, a band of LEDs runs around the base, to illuminate the larger deck . The accessory comes in white, black, bronze and walnut and is simple to fit onto any deck post. Clients love the soft light from the LED and find it makes the deck feel warmer on a cool evening.

LED lighting is less expensive to run and is environmentally friendly too.

The Neptune flat top LED

A fixture for the larger deck area.

These commanding LEDs fit easily onto your deck posts and will immediately attract people to sit and relax.

The quality will show off your beautiful deck, without blinding your guests, as some bigger lights can do.

A range of colors, which includes matte black, helps the Neptune flat top LED to match any deck color scheme.

The Corona Recessed Riser light

A versatile riser light, which works very well on your deck or porch.

The recessed light is easy to fit, and lies flush with the surface, effortlessly brightening the steps or even the floor of your deck.

The aluminum frame screws into the wood and will not rust. The real glass helps throw out a beautiful light from the LED bulbs.

We offer the Corona recessed riser light in white, bronze and black, which will work on any deck.

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