5 Surprising Benefits Of A White Picket Fence

When you hear the term white picket fence it can conjure up an image of the old American dream.

You may believe that two point four kids and a house with a white picket fence are no longer the American dreams.

A white picket fence can still be part of your property design without being seen as old-fashioned.

A White picket fence can provide some surprising benefits and here’s five:

  1. Robust Quality Material
  2. Stylish While Functional
  3. Easy To Install
  4. Inexpensive
  5. Adding Value To Your Property

1.  Robust Quality Material

You can still have a traditional wooden painted picket fence but modern materials, like vinyl, can provide more robust options.

Modern vinyl picket fences stand up better (than wood) to harsher weather such as rain or snow.

The materials are also designed to withstand damage from the sun with Ultraviolet light inhibitors.

Strong simple construction and robust materials mean that picket fences are low maintenance.

Moisture is one of the biggest threats to a traditional wooden picket fence. The moisture can cause rot or mold to attract termites.

If you use modern materials like vinyl, your picket fence is less prone to damage from moisture. The vinyl is moisture resistant.

2.  Stylish While Functional

When you visualize a white picket fence, you think of a low fence with a view of a manicured lawn.

This stylish icon can still be used today if you want to show off your pride and joy of a lawn.

Modern designs mean that you can still have the aesthetics of a picket fence but with a modern twist.

You can even have a white picket fence that is enclosed and even raise the height.

The function of the low fence is to keep cyclists and pedestrians from taking a shortcut across your lawn.

With the modern alternatives, your higher picket can double as a privacy fence.

Higher fences remain stylish but also provide additional functionality.

Whatever style you choose, a white picket fence still screams “welcome to our house”, leaving it both stylish and functional.

3.  Easy To Install

Vinyl scallop fence

One of the prime benefits of a white picket fence is how easy they are to install.

Combining standard size pickets and spacing’s with ready-made fittings, make this is one of the easiest fences to install.

The simple construction process and optional accessories mean that your build can still be personalized.

If you are mildly competent at DIY, you are going to gain a great feeling of achievement when you build your fence.

4.  Inexpensive

Modern technology and innovations have meant that the new fencing materials such as vinyl are relatively inexpensive.

A three-foot high picket fence (or even higher) is still relatively cheap to install when compared with other fencing options.

These cheaper upfront installation costs are not the only financial savings in installing a white picket fence.

The low-cost easy maintenance of these picket fences means that you will have ongoing savings in the future.

5.  Adding Value To Your Property

Your fence is one of the first things that anyone approaching your property sees.

A stylish, well maintained white picket fence sets your house up from the outset.

If you are currently looking to sell your property, a white picket fence makes sense.

If you are just looking to maintain your house’s sale value, a white picket fence is also a great option.

White Picket Fences Are Awesome

Who would have known that the humble white picket fence had so many benefits?

If this article has peaked your interest in a white picket fence there is no better time than today to find out more.