Stain & Seal Experts know all there is to know about protecting your fence.

If there is more to learn, you can rest assured that they on top of it.

At Fence Supply Online we are very happing to be teaming up Stain & Seal Experts and are looking forward to bringing their knowledge to our customers.

When we were looking into Stain & Seal Experts, we could see the benefits of working with them for our clients.

Our experts put together a list of reasons why to use Stain & Seal Experts, and it is a long one. We shortened it for this post.

The top 5 benefits of using Stain & Seal Experts for your fencing include:

  1. Their vast experience
  2. Safe products for the family
  3. The quality of their seals and stains
  4. Very easy to apply
  5. Protecting your investment

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Their vast experience

It may seem obvious, but many people do not realize the real benefit of experience.

Sure the new kid on the block may be offering a shiny product, and a discounted price, compared to the established company.

It is the experience of the established company which you should look at though when investing in the future of your fence.

Stain & Seal Experts built up their experience bank over 25 years of serving their clients and researching new products.

You cannot buy such experience, a company earns it over many years, and the eventual quality shows through in all of their work.

Safe products for the family

When you are staining or sealing a fence you have to bear in mind your family and friends who will be in your garden.

Your pets too could be in danger from harmful products.

Stain & Seal Experts do not use solvents when manufacturing products for your fence.

The stains and seals will not give off dangerous gasses, and your family and pets can play safely in the garden from day one.

The quality of their stains and seals

It is all very well to be safe for the family but is the quality there in the product?

The simple answer is yes. The stains and seals you use from Stain & Seal Experts are only of the highest quality. They will soak deep into the wood, offering a superior level of protection which lasts and lasts and lasts.

The solvent-free paraffinic oil will prevent moisture, termites, and heat from damaging the wood, leaving it looking as good as new, always.

The protection from the sun, wind, rain, cold, and extremes of weather is vital for the long life of your fence.

Very easy to apply

All of the Stain & Seal product range is of commercial quality.

This does not mean it will not do an equally good job on your garden fence.

The stains and seals are very easy to apply, and you will feel like an expert when doing the work.

If you have decking, fencing, general lumber or any wood area to protect, the Stain & Seal Experts products will do the perfect commercial-grade job.

Protecting your investment

We say it all the time at Fence Supply Online: your fence is an investment.

It adds value to your home, protects the family and pets, and the fence will look good too.

You should look after your investment, and protect the fence from cold, wet, wind and sun damage.

The best way to do this is to use the best products on the market.

We believe Stain & Seal Experts carry those products, and we look forward to offering them to our clients.

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