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Suburbia is full of fences. Drive through any American suburb, and you will see fences around the local park, the school and of course, around the gardens of homeowners. Fences protect property, keep animals under control and stop children running onto the street.

The suburban garden fence has plenty of other uses too. It can add value to a home, it can be a focal point for the garden, and you can lean on one while talking to the friendly neighbors. At Fence Supply Online we love hearing of new ideas and also seeing old ones still in use. Our suburban clients often call in looking for help or even to bounce unique fence ideas off the experts.

Spring is a popular time for people to think about erecting a fence for the summer months. Over coffee recently we got talking about fence ideas for suburbia and everyone had a few inspirational ideas. We put together a long list of suggestions and suburban designs for fences.

Our list of inspirational fence ideas for suburbia includes:

  • The vinyl privacy fence in suburbia
  • Raised beds along an old fence
  • The split rail looks excellent in suburbia
  • Using garden jewelry
  • The picket fence never goes out of style

Let’s take a closer look at each idea for some fencing inspiration.

The vinyl privacy fence in suburbia

It may come as a bit of a surprise using a privacy fence as an inspirational source but think of it as a blank canvas.

Modern American-made vinyl fencing products are proving very popular. The vinyl is robust, almost maintenance-free and will not rot or split under pressure. Vinyl will not buckle, melt, fade or chalk under the heat of the summer sun. It will look as good throughout the year as it did on day one.

You can grow plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees in front, up and around the vinyl privacy fence. The burst of color and greenery all year round is truly stunning.

Raised beds along an old fence

It need not be an old fence, but if your fence needs brightening, then raised beds are a great idea.

Build the bed walls up to about two, three, or four feet. Fill them with quality soil and compost and then plant your shrubs and flowers in them. There is only a little work in building the raised beds, and a weekend of DIY with the toolbox will have you up and running. The raised beds work well against a privacy fence or a tall rail one too.

Many of our clients plant a produce garden on the sunny side of the fence. The produce will get all the light, while getting protection from the wind and rain from the fence.

The split rail fence looks excellent in suburbia

You may think of the split rail fence as being a typical rustic style. It is possible, though, to bring that bit of the country into your suburban garden.

A split rail fence is easy to build, and if you watch this video, you will see how to install one in your garden.

The quality and beauty of the American cedar will catch the eye, and you can tell people how you built such a stylish fence while showing it off.

Wooden fences take a bit of care, but they pay you back by looking great on the property.

Using garden jewelry

Clients often question what we mean by garden jewelry.

In our minds, it is an accessory you can add to a fence to add style and color.

At Fence Supply Online we stock a range of decorative accents that you can easily attach to any fence.

We also have a fantastic selection of lighting from which to choose.

Our arbors, and even the mail posts, will work well as part of any fence design.

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