Garden fencing plays many roles on the property. It protects the home from those who wish you harm; it prevents the kids from running onto the pavement and stops the pets from escaping. There are many styles, designs, and types of garden fencing and Fence Supply Online stocks a wide range.

Your garden fencing can also add style as well as security to the home area. There are many creative ways to brighten the garden using fencing. When you stop and think about it, you will see how much a garden fence can add to the style of the yard.

At Fence Supply Online we love getting questions and new ideas from clients. When winter fades, and spring is on the way a lot of our clients think of what they can do in the garden. We will always help you get the most from a fence and know many creative ways to do so. Our experts put together some of the most innovative ways to use garden fencing.

Included on our list of creative ways to use garden fencing are:

  • A privacy fence around the barbecue area
  • Deck fencing always adds style to the garden
  • Growing color around the garden fence
  • Divide the garden into sections
  • Hide an ugly view with a beautiful fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

A privacy fence around the barbecue area

Do you have a barbecue area of paving tiles laid out close to a wall?

Such a spot can look very bare and even dominate the design of your garden. You need to hide the barbecue but not turn the area into an eyesore.

A stylish privacy fence can solve the problem. Building one around the barbecue area can turn it into an outdoor kitchen where the cook rules the roost. We offer modern vinyl fencing which comes in a range of colors and designs.

The fence will protect against wind, and the right style will catch the eye of visitors.

Deck fencing always adds style to the garden

Take a look at your deck.

Imagine how much better it would look if you had a stylish fence running around the edges.

Our range of deck fencing gives you plenty of choice for creative ways to make the deck more inviting.

A vinyl rail fence can match the décor of the garden or even be the start of a new outdoor design for the property.

With the right fence you can add lighting and other fencing accessories.

A well-lit deck is the perfect spot on a summer’s evening for your guests to enjoy a barbecue and a glass of wine.

Growing color around the garden fence

You need not erect a new fence when thinking of creative ways to use the garden fencing.

Many people use the garden fence as a starting point to add style and color to the outdoor area.

An old fence is a perfect place to plant colorful plants, flowers and bushes. They will get the protection of the fence and grow up and around the structure too.

Try building a few raised beds against a privacy fence. The panels will protect the growing produce against wind and rain, and you will have fresh salad leaves every day.

Hide an ugly view with a beautiful fence

Unfortunately, a garden does not always have a beautiful view.

A new building or noisy street can take away from the garden and even stop you using it.

Building a tall privacy fence can block out the view and noise but not the sun and light winds.

Modern vinyl fencing is very stylish and does not fade, chalk, or split under the summer sun.

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