Fencing stain is a vital ingredient in looking after your fence.

For all DIY enthusiasts, the annual maintenance is a chore they must finish before the weather turns bad. You need to stain a wood fence, usually every year, in order to protect it from the effects of moisture.

If you do not stain the fence it could rot, splinter, and crack in only a matter of years.

Your investment will be for nothing.

At Fence Supply Online, we get a lot of questions about fence staining. Over the morning coffee recently we wrote down a few of the popular ones and some questions come up a lot.

The top five questions to ask before buying fencing stain include:

  • Should I stain or paint the fence?
  • How long should I wait?
  • Which fencing stain should I use?
  • Do I need to sand the fence first?
  • Can I apply the fencing stain myself?

Let’s take a closer look at each question and find a few answers too.

Should I stain or paint the fence?

This should be the first question to ask, before starting the work.

We believe that staining the fence gives you better protection, and for a longer space of time.

Paint can crack or peel away, leaving the wood below open to damage from the elements.

If you do choose to paint, you may need to redo the work regularly.

How long should I wait?

If your fence is a new one it may be an idea to let it alone for a while before staining.

The standard waiting period is about 60 days before doing any maintenance work.

This will give the wood a chance to weather in your climate and to dry out a bit after maybe being in storage for a time.

Sixty days will give the fence time to settle and for the wood to season fully.

Which fencing stain should I use?

The quick and obvious answer here is to use only the best one.

A cheaper alternative could streak, wash away in the next rainstorm, or leave lap marks.

We supply Stain & Seal Experts products, which we know will always do an excellent job.

They are for use by contractors, but the quality is so good they are easy for the homeowner to apply too.

Stain & Seal Experts products will not run, streak or ever let you down.

They are for use on fences, decking and any outdoor wood product you have on the property.

The stains are safe to use around the family and are not damaging to the environment.

Do I need to sand the fence first?

If the fence is a new one, then there should not be any need for sanding it.

You should not stain over a painted fence, sand it first to prepare the surface.

If you want to add color choose a stain which will bring out the best from the grain of the wood.

Often a clear stain looks best, showing off the quality of the grain in the new fence on the property.

Can I apply the fencing stain myself?

Staining the fence is great for the DIY enthusiast.

It makes them feel they are looking after the fence, plus you know you are doing the job properly.

Our Stain & Seal Experts products are of exceptionally high quality, which makes them easy to apply.

If the fence is a big one, you may need a few willing volunteers.

Always apply the stain evenly and according to the instructions on the label.

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