Blackline Privacy fence

Dark Color Vinyl privacy fencing can sag and distort in high heat areas.

It is a common problem but not one without solutions.

At Fence Supply Online we are teaming up with BLACKline fencing to overcome the very problem. The people at BLACKline developed a vinyl fencing which is perfect for high heat areas. A mixture of the inbuilt UV inhibitors and product-specific formulations, make a privacy fence which will withstand the highest of direct sunlight temperatures.

When we first began to investigate their fencing we were cautious but interested. Today we know the BLACKline privacy fencing is of the highest quality and we can offer it to our customers. Why is it so good? Well, our team of experts has a list of good answers.

Among the top reasons to use BLACKline privacy fencing in high heat areas are:

  1. They use the best material in production
  2. Pigmentation of the highest quality
  3. No sagging, warping or distortion
  4. Their warranty covers everything
  5. They offer a choice of styles too

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

They use the best material in production

BLACKline spent time looking at materials and researching the problems of high heat areas.

They are so exact in their work that we felt very comfortable with them from day one.

After many years of trying, BLACKline knows that CPVC is the best fencing material for extremes of heat.

The heat distortion for CPVC is over 200 degrees, well over the threshold of 180 degrees from direct sunlight.

A vinyl privacy fence made from CPVC will stay looking good under the toughest of heat conditions.

Pigmentation of the highest quality

Color distortion and fading are significant problems with vinyl privacy fences.

The problem happens after a period of high temperatures and can ruin the look of a fence for life.

BLACKline did a lot of research in the area and settled on a pigmentation which passed all their weathering investigations. In a belt and braces approach, they add an extra 40% of pigmentation over the recommended levels.

Just to be sure they then add a UV inhibitor to keep the sun at bay.

Your black privacy fence will stay black, will not fade under heat pressure and you will see zero color chalking.

No sagging, warping or distortion

It happens with the best of standard vinyl fencing products.

Under the heat of summer, you may see the fence begin to sag and warp in places. A privacy fence may become a lot less private with splits in the seams as the fence wilts in the heat. Color and design distortion may ruin the look of your fence too.

The use of the CPVC in production and the pigmentation levels, along with the UV inhibitors go a long way to keeping the fence looking great, always.

The company also add extra ingredients to add strength and impact resistance, without interfering with the depth of the coloring.

BLACKline’s exact formula for privacy fencing manufacturing ensures a top-quality product for the customer.

Their warranty covers everything

We like when a supplier happily stands over their product.

BLACKline offer a comprehensive warranty for all of their fencing line.

They cover excessive distortion, color fading and abnormal effects of high heat weather extremes.

The customer can relax, knowing that if something goes wrong, then BLACKline will stand over their product.

At Fence Supply Online we like that peace of mind too.

They offer a choice of styles too

Outside of all the technical details, we noticed that BLACKline carry a great choice of design styles.

Having your privacy fence look good, stay looking good and be of an attractive design is all you can expect from a project.

BLACKline offer privacy styles such as the solid, a picket top and a lattice top.

You can add a touch of class to your garden fencing, knowing it will not fade, sag or warp under the high heat of summer.

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