5 Surprising Benefits Of A White Picket Fence

Vinyl fencing is the best material for your region. How do we know this is true? The straight answer is that vinyl fencing is the best material for every region, and you can take that to the bank.

At Fence Supply Online we supply fencing to every type of region. In cold climate areas, we know vinyl will see you through the winter. Get a lot of high winds? Do not worry; vinyl will see off the worst of the storms.

The hottest sun will not damage vinyl fencing, and many ranchers now know that it keeps horses under control and wildlife out of their property. Weather damage, frost heave, and wear and tear are not a problem with our modern fencing.

The top five reasons why vinyl fencing is best for your region are:

  • Vinyl fencing withstands weather damage
  • No problems with extreme temperatures
  • Do not worry about wear and tear
  • Cold, ice and frost heave are not a worry
  • Vinyl fencing for every need

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

Vinyl fencing withstands weather damage

The weather can have a bad effect on any traditional fencing material.

Wet weather, with a lot of heavy rain, can pick away at a metal fence. After a few seasons, the rust can get out of control on an iron fence. Without constant maintenance you could lose a cheap fence to the weather.

Vinyl will not rust. It can put up with constant rain and moisture and not deteriorate.

The saving on maintenance is a big benefit with any fence.

No problems with extreme temperatures

If you live in a region with a lot of sunshine you probably know the problem of high temperatures.

Wood seems to dry out and flake away under the constant sun. There was a time too when vinyl fencing would suffer from the effects of the sun. The color would fade, and the vinyl would chalk. It could buckle and crack during a hot July and August.

Not so with modern American vinyl. BLACKline vinyl fencing products come with an injected UV inhibitor. Even the hottest summer sun will not do damage to the color or the structure of the vinyl fence.

Your fence will look as good in ten years as it does today.

Do not worry about wear and tear

Many fences suffer from use. The kids climbing over it, the local wildlife scratching their backs or the livestock crashing against the rails. All these effects of wear and tear can crack a fence or even break a rail or two.

Modern vinyl will not crack under pressure. The impact inhibitors add a strength to a vinyl fence, which puts up with the worst of wear and tear.

Your investment will pay you back in years of service and low maintenance costs.

Cold, frost and ice heave are not a worry

Vinyl does not expand and contract in cold weather. It cannot soak up the rain, which weakens a wood fence when it freezes at night.

All the usual problems of a cold winter in your region will leave the vinyl alone.

If you install the fence properly, you will not see the effects of ice heave.

Even the weight of a heavy snowfall will not damage the modern vinyl fence.

Vinyl fencing for every need

You may think you do not need a vinyl fence in your region.

If you run a ranch or keep livestock, then there is a style of vinyl fencing to keep the animals under control. Impact inhibitors add strength and withstand the bashing horses and cattle give a fence.

The privacy fence will protect your home and not deteriorate under any type of bad weather.

Even your traditional picket fence will be durable and maintenance-free when it is a vinyl one.

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