When Should You Hire Someone To Install Your Fencing?

We all want the best possible fence on our property.

Installing that fence as part of a DIY project will keep you busy after work and on weekends. For many of us, it is what we love about a DIY installation.

On many fence projects DIY will work well and produce a lovely piece of work. However, there are times when you may need to call in the professionals.

What are the fence installs when you may need a professional to do the work?

When is the DIY fence install not your best option?

To get an idea of when you should call in the professionals, we consulted with our team of experts. They didn’t come up with a straight-forward set of answers, but they did agree on five signs.

These five signs of when to call in a professional to install your fence include:

  1. When the going is tough
  2. Know when to stop
  3. Large projects need the time and expertise
  4. Metal fencing is not for everyone
  5. Repairing an old fence may take certain skills

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

When the going is tough.

The tough get going, as the saying goes.

Take a look at the land where you want to install your fence.

Is it tough terrain? Are there a lot of boulders, trees, and scrubland in the way?  Do you know from experience that just a few inches beneath the soil lies nothing but rock?

If to all these questions you know that the answer is yes, then a professional may be the better option.

Tough jobs need the right equipment, expertise, labor and time.

Get in the professionals for the tough job and give yourself a break.

Know when to stop

This is very true when working on fencing jobs.

A project which may start out as a Saturday bit of DIY fun may drag out for a lot longer.

If you find yourself out of your depth, drowning in the size of the project and trying to find the time, then it may be a good idea to call a halt.

Knowing when to stop on a DIY project is a skill in itself.

A better person will call in the professionals before it is too late.

Large projects need the time and expertise

Do not let pride take over when judging if you can take on the DIY fencing project.

A professional fencing contractor has the experience and the equipment to do the work properly.

They will know how much product to order, which is the best material for your fence and they will have the skills to install it. A contractor will know about permits and boundary installations too.

Sometimes the professional is the best option, and you will not regret getting in the contractor.

Metal fencing is not for everyone

At Fence Supply Online we get a lot of clients who fancy installing a metal fence.

An iron one speaks of solidity and security, while aluminum is maintenance free and can look great.

However metal can be difficult to work with, if you do not have the experience.

There may be times when you need to cut it to size or even need to do some welding.

A professional contractor will do the work for you without any trouble.

Repairing an old fence may take certain skills

We get clients who inherit an old fence and would like to do a repair project.

Often a big repair project is as challenging as doing a full installation.

There is usually work which will need a professional’s hand and quality eye, such as cutting or fitting and matching new panels and rails.

Getting the repairs right is key to the look of the finished project.

The professional contractor will have the experience to do them properly.

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