Deck and Stair lighting

Deck safety is vital for enjoying the deck area. There are many simple ways to make your deck a safer place to be.

Your deck is a wonderful addition to your home and a place with many happy memories. It can also be a place where accidents happen. Do not let the happy memories turn into bad ones.

At Fence Supply Online we love talking about deck projects. Our customers are always coming in with deck ideas and asking our opinions on the layout and materials. We see a lot that we like and a few that are not so great. The usual reason for us disliking a deck plan is the safety side of things. We get a lot of questions too on adding safety extras.

If you are building a new deck or upgrading an old one, always look to make your deck safer.

We put together a list to help you plan a deck safety project. Included on the list are:

  • Handrails for the stairs onto the deck
  • Deck fencing is vital for safety
  • Adding solar post lights makes a difference
  • Puppy Panels can keep the kids safe too
  • Do the annual maintenance

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Handrails for the stairs into the deck

It surprises us how many people install stairs or steps onto the deck, without adding the handrails.

Steps and stairs can be slippery when wet. If there are kids about the place toys, bats and balls can be left anywhere, especially around the deck. Without handrails, people have nothing to steady themselves or hold onto if they slip.

We supply handrails and other accessories for use around the deck area. All of our extras are ADA approved and will not rot in bad weather.

Always install the handrails according to manufacturer instructions.

Deck fencing is vital for safety

The deck is an open space and probably more than a couple of feet off the ground. Even a fall from a height of less than a foot can do damage, and we hear of many fractured ankles from such slips.

Installing deck fencing will immediately take away the risk of falling.

We supply a selection of deck fencing, which will increase safety and the style of your deck. Now you will have a secure fence to lean on and enjoy the beautiful evening.

Take a look at our deck fencing range for an idea on styles.

Adding solar post lights makes a difference

Once you have a deck fence, you also have a place to put some deck lighting.

Our range of solar post lights fit directly onto the fence posts. Fitting solar lights could not be easier. The fence post adapter slips over the top of the post, and the light clicks directly into it. There is not any need to run wires or find an outside power source.

The batteries charge directly off the sun’s rays and will last through the night.

Solar post lights make the deck a much safer place.

No more stumbling around in the dark, and they add another layer of security.

Puppy panels can make the kids safe too

Our Puppy Panels are easy to fit to a fence, and they keep your pets safe.

You can also install them around the deck fence to stop toddlers sliding through the rails.

They will also keep any balls or toys from slipping off the deck.

Puppy Panels have many uses, and you can take them off if you ever move home.

Do the annual maintenance

Do not forget the annual maintenance as part of the safety plan

Clean dirt, leaves, and dust away so the area does not become slippery.

Check that the handrails and the fence do not become loose and replace any broken posts.

Maintenance is vital.

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