4 rail vinyl fence

‘Don’t fence me in’ may be the song of the cowboy but not when you have livestock to control.

Good livestock fencing will keep the cattle, horses and whatever else you stock, free from roaming.

The quality of the fence is very important, as livestock will find the gap or weak spot and wander away. We get a lot of ranchers, some old hands, others new to the range, looking for the best of livestock fencing.

Our advice always depends on what the rancher is raising and the size of their property. We’ve put together a list of hints and ideas to help every rancher.

5 things to consider when buying livestock fencing are:

  • Horse fencing needs to be visible
  • Build it high for cattle
  • Quality will payback over time
  • Vinyl is ideal for paddocks and perimeters

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Horse fencing needs to be visible

Horses like to run, jump and gallop all over the paddock. If they can’t see the fence, they may run into it or get tangled up in any loose wire.

For these reasons you should avoid wire fencing, which can be difficult to see in an open space.

We always recommend a solid three or four-rail fence, of a good height and the darker the color of the fencing the better.

You can choose between vinyl and wood for the paddock.

Our vinyl horse fence is popular and comes in a choice of colors and styles.

Build it high for cattle

Cattle are large animals. A herd of steers can push over a small fence and wander away in no time.

The last thing you want is your cattle roaming through the neighbor’s property, doing damage and getting into harm. With this in mind, you should build a fence of at least 54 inches in height.

The fence posts should go deep into the soil and set them in concrete.

A round rail fence is a solid investment and will keep the cattle under control and on your land.

Costs are significant for large areas

If you are building a fence on your property, there are a few guidelines to take under consideration.

The overall cost of the project is paramount, and for every rancher it is the key to getting the right fence for the job. The larger the area, the more money you will need to spend but do not skimp on the quality.

By using our Draw It & Quote It software you will get a clear idea of how much money you will need to spend and how the finished project will look.

You will need to invest correctly, as the fence has an important job to do.

Quality will payback over time

We say it every day to our customers, whether they are ranchers, homeowners, first-timers or long-term clients.

Investing in a project that will last at least twenty years will take money. The more you spend, the more you will get back in terms of low maintenance and repairs.

Vinyl ranch fencing may be more expensive than wood, but modern technology is producing a very robust fencing product.

The vinyl fence can withstand impact, UV effects and it will not rot or fall victim to termites.

If you are a lover of wood, you should always use pressure-treated, high-grade fencing to withstand the worst of the winter and summer weather.

Vinyl is ideal for smaller paddocks

If you have a small paddock for just a few horses or head of prize cattle, consider vinyl.

For first-timers to vinyl fencing starting with a small area is an excellent introduction to the product.

You will see how strong it is, how well it keeps animals under control and the beauty of less maintenance duties over the years.

Vinyl ranch fencing is a competitive product which can suit every job on the land.

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