Semi privacy options

The right privacy fence will solve a lot of problems around your yard.

It can keep those prying neighbors from seeing everything you and the family do at home. The privacy fence will also reduce noise from neighbors and a busy street. It will also allow you and the family to make noise around the pool, and not disturb the neighbors.

Often clients erect a privacy fence to cut out the prevailing wind that ruins an evening barbecue. It can also give protection to trees and plants from the cold winds of winter. If you have an ugly building down the street, then a privacy fence can hide it. The elegant fence with plants and flowers will make for a far more beautiful view.

Fence Supply Online clients ask us how to choose the best privacy fence for the yard. We find that one fence may not suit a yard, while it will work perfectly on another property. To help us help our clients we put together a list of top tips, but only after a lot of discussion.

Included on our list of tips for choosing the right privacy fence for your yard are:

  • Get the height of the privacy fence right
  • Decide on the style of fence
  • Black vinyl fencing is worth a look
  • Think about where you want to put the fence
  • Mix with another style

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Get the height of the privacy fence right

You do not want to turn your yard into something from a prison movie.

A fence that is too high tends to loom over the house and yard. It may block out too much light and fresh breezes. Without light and drying wind, your garden will die away.

Judge how much privacy fence you need to block out the neighbors. You do not want one to be too high around the pool, though, for safety reasons.

Go with the right height and make the most of the privacy fence.

Decide on the style of fence

At Fence Supply Online we offer a range of styles, including semi-privacy.

You can top the fence off with lattice, or with the popular picket style.

We also have solid privacy fences that go up to a flat top for complete coverage.

A basket weave fence can add a touch of something different to your garden design.

Of course, where the fence is going on the property matters too.

You do not want the view from the kitchen window blocked by a style you do not like.

Black vinyl privacy fences are worth a look

The range of black vinyl fences from BLACKline offers another choice.

BLACKline fencing will not fade or chalk under the summer sun. It will not buckle or deteriorate due to the high temperatures of July and August.

Styles vary, but BLACKline offers a secure alternative, which will look as good in ten years’ time, as it does on the day of installation.

If you want a spectacular style, then the BLACKline range will not disappoint.

Think about where you want to put the fence

Your choice of privacy fence will depend on where it is going.

There may not be the need to surround the yard with a privacy fence, so choose the right one for the right spot.

You will want one around the pool and the barbecue area, as they reduce noise and give shelter from the wind.

Talk to the neighbors too and install one to keep both sides of the fence happy.

Mix with another type of fence

Mixing styles of fencing can solve a few problems.

By just having a couple of panels of privacy fence, you may solve privacy problems, without locking in the yard.

A stylish picket fence may look great either side of the tall panels.

Use our Draw It & Quote It software for ideas and costs.

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