Choosing the right welding machine is the key to doing a good job.

Like most things in life, getting a good start is half the battle.

At Fence Supply Online we see it with fencing, where preparation is vital and no doubt it is not any different when on a welding job.

We asked our friends at Forney Industries for a few tips on choosing the right welding machine. They came back with a long list of suggestions. Customer service is obviously a big consideration for them too.

We had a look at the list and picked out five to help you choose the right machine.

The five tips on choosing a welding machine we like are:

  • Portability is important
  • Think of the work you will be doing
  • Do you want a TIG or MIG welding machine?
  • Choose a welding machine for your level
  • Always go for quality

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Portability is important

If you are going to be doing a lot of jobs, then consider the portability of your welding machine.

When moving from project to project, or even working on a larger one, you may need to carry it about the place.

We supply welding machines from Forney Industries that are as light as 9.65lbs which are ideal for the small jobs. Some of the larger machines weigh over 70lbs and are not that easy to transport.

For the DIY enthusiast, a portable machine may make all the difference.

Think of the work you will be doing

Another consideration is the type of welding work you are planning to do.

If you are going to be doing a few spot repairs and maybe only use the welding machine a couple of times a month, then choose something like the Forney Easy Weld 140 MP.

It is light and is easy to use.

If you are the more serious welder, such as a shop repair owner or a ranch worker, then you will need a bigger, more robust machine.

The Forney 242 MIG kit might be the one.

It can handle all the big projects and is popular with experienced welders.

Choose a welding machine that will suit you and the work you plan to do.

Do you want a TIG or MIG welding machine?

Tungsten Inert Gas, TIG, or Metal Inert Gas, MIG, is the choice on most approaches to welding.

It often comes down to personal opinion or experience, when welders pick between the two.

MIG welding uses a continuously fed wire when doing the work, which bonds and fills the gap.

TIG, on the other hand, heats the two metals until they melt and form the bond.

Both styles have their advantages, and disadvantages. MIG is easier to control while TIG can do a neater weld.

Think long and hard over your choice and ask an experienced hand for advice too.

Choose a welding machine for your level

This may seem an obvious point, but as in all things in life, people often get it wrong.

Just because a welding machine is suitable for beginners does not mean an experienced person cannot use it too. A beginner model is ideal for small jobs and can be easier to carry about the shop.

Why spend a lot of money for the top-of-the-range welding machine, if you are only going to use it occasionally?

Choosing one for your skill level, and the work you plan to do, makes a lot of sense.

Always go for quality

Yet another point which some people can miss.

Buying quality means you are not buying trouble for further down the road.

An inferior welding machine may cost less, but it will do shoddy work and may be dangerous to use.

Forney Industries stand over their welding machines and guarantee the quality.

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