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Our clients often ask for help with their fence project.

“Any advice on what will work best on my property?”

“I’m thinking of putting up a fence around the yard. Any ideas?”

Getting the best answer may require us to ask a few questions, and that will get the client thinking again.

To help the customers, we asked our experts for a few tips on getting the best fence layout. We made a long list of tips with the answers.

A list of the top five tips for creating the best fence layout includes:

  • Think about what you want the fence will do
  • Choose a design that works for you
  • Check the local regulations and boundary maps
  • Know your costs
  • Factor in the maintenance
  • Use our software

We threw in the 6th one as a bonus.

Let’s take a closer look at each tip and see how the list can work for you

Think about what you want the fence to do

A bit of a mouthful but it is an important place to start the planning.

Ask yourself why do you want the fence?

Is it to add privacy to the yard? Are you looking for a bit more security? Do you want to keep the kids and family pet safe?

When you know what the fence is for, then it will be a lot easier to plan the final layout.

Choose a design that works for you

Fences come in all shapes, sizes, and designs.

Many people love the classic look of that American favorite, the picket fence, and it does look great on nearly every property.

A round rail fence design is a standard on ranches and large urban properties, where the owner wants to keep a rural feel to the yard.

Remember you will be looking at the fence for many years, so choose a design that works for you, and the property.

Check the local regulations and boundary maps

Fence regulations vary from state to state and even from county to county.

If you live in a historic area you may need to follow different rules than elsewhere in the district.

Knowing what you can and cannot build, will guide you in the choice of fence for the property.

Take a look at boundary maps and see where your fence will face the neighbor’s property.

They may have a say in the type of fence you can erect and may object if it interferes with their light and air flow.

Know your costs

How much can you invest in the fence?

We always recommend you think to the future and spend that bit extra on durable fencing materials.

Costs will influence your fence layout, as they will curtail overall spend.

Money spent today will decide on long-term maintenance and on the life of the fence.

Factor in the maintenance

Speaking of maintenance, it is a critical consideration when deciding on the fence layout.

You do not put up a fence and then just walk away, hoping it will look after itself.

If you want a specific design you need to know that it is available in a material which will last the test of time.

If you build a fence which needs a lot of maintenance, then you will be very busy every fall for the next twenty years or so.

Use our design software

A 6th, bonus, tip pops up on our list, and it is one which may be of help to you DIYers.

Our Draw It & Quote It software helps you design a fence layout for the property.

You can get an idea of final costs, materials you will need, and build a picture of what the project will entail.

It is straightforward to use and is proving to be a big help to our clients.

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