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Doing a timber fence makeover will keep it looking good and strong.

No doubt the sun, rain, snow, ice, wind and the kids will have given it a battering, through its years of service.

Even the best of wood needs caring for, and a bit of love and affection will do the fence a lot of good.

You won’t want the fence looking too new, but you will want it staying sturdy for many more years.

A client of ours emailed, asking for a few pointers to get some life back in their old timber fence. We looked to our team of experts for advice, and they had plenty.

Among their list of tips for giving your old timber fence a makeover are:

  • Replace missing rails and pickets
  • Staining and sealing for a lasting fence makeover
  • Add some color with your fence makeover
  • Accessorize for something that bit different
  • Put in a gate

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Replace missing rails and pickets

If you are good at the annual maintenance, then this may not be an issue.

However not everyone stays on top of the work when looking after a fence. Broken rails, cracked pickets, and rotting panels make the fence look like it is about to fall over.

Give your fence a thorough examination. Mark the cracked, broken and rotten parts and make a list for the fence supply company.

When you replace parts of the fence you will need to match the new bits to the old. Take a few photos and show them to your supplier, to keep the style the same.

Stain and seal for a lasting fence makeover

An easy way to match the new with the old is to stain and seal.

Get a stain which will add a deep color to the wood. The strength of the color will last for many years.

Fence Supply Online now supplies Stain & Seal Experts range of products. You will always get the color you want, and the protection you need, from their range of stains and seals.

To keep your wooden fence looking good, you will need to stain and seal it annually.

Add some color with your fence makeover

Color is a great way to catch the eye.

Adding some can make the timber fence look like something new.

You can paint a wood fence any color you like. An extra benefit is that paint acts as another level of protection.

Traditional green fences look wonderful and who doesn’t love a white picket fence running around the front lawn?

You may need to check with the local homeowner’s association before painting.

Often you may face restrictions on the range of colors allowed in your neighborhood.

Accessorize for something that bit different

We have an extensive range of accessories at Fence Supply Online.

You can add solar-powered lighting to the fence posts to brighten the area at night. Our range includes some beautiful lamps which can complete a makeover. Subtle fence post lighting can add atmosphere during the warm summer evenings.

Adding a lighting fixture is simple. The fence post adapters slip over the top of the post, and the lamp fits into it. There is not any need for running wires with the solar-powered range.

Accessories such as fence post caps can also bring something new to the final look of the fence.

Add a gate

On top of accessorizing, the addition of a gate can make a big difference when doing a fence makeover.

A gate can break up the look of a plain wooden fence. Once you paint or stain the fence you may see that there is a spot which could do with a gate.

The gate can also make you use that part of the yard more and bring more attention to the fence.

Gates come in all shapes and sizes and can be a lovely addition to the look of your garden.

An arch over the gate is perfect for adding more color when you grow flowering vines through it.

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