vinyl fence buyers guide

Are you planning a fence project? Do you have a few fencing ideas which may look just perfect in the yard? Maybe you have an old fence that could do with replacing?

These are some of the questions we know Fence Supply Online customers think of when they are planning a fence. Our experts get a lot of queries around new materials or new ideas. One of their jobs is to help you with the planning of your next fencing project.

“I’m thinking of fencing off the barbecue area,” said one of our regulars only last week, “any tips?”

“Well Tom,” answered our expert, “you came to the right place.”

Later that morning Tom’s question and more like it came up over the coffee and cookies. Everyone had ideas, and we all knew of clients planning something new. We threw around our own experiences and drew up a list of top fence building tips.

The list of fence building tips for your next project include:

  • Find an area which may need fencing
  • Take a look at the new fencing materials
  • Check local laws and with the Home Owners Association
  • DIY or contractors for the fencing project
  • Plan your time and costs too

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

Find an area which may need fencing

This one may be a tip for before you begin planning, but it will get the thinking juices flowing.

Take a walk around the yard or the front garden. Have a look at empty spaces or maybe places which could do with a little privacy. Do you know that the pool needs fencing by law? Does the barbecue area need a wind barrier, or maybe the yard needs cover from the neighbors? Is the boundary fence older than you?

All of these factors will help you find an area to fence.

When you know what you need, planning becomes a lot easier.

Take a look at the new fencing materials

We often get clients who come in for a wooden fence, without thinking of the alternatives.

Modern vinyl fencing is proving very popular. Vinyl is durable, requires little maintenance, and will not rot or suffer from termites.

Our vinyl fence from BLACKline will not fade, buckle or chalk under the extremes of the summer sun. Your black fence will look as good in many years, as it did the day you installed it on the property.

Consider different materials when planning your next fencing project.

Check local laws and with the Home Owners Association

There is little point in you planning a fencing project, only to find it falls foul of local laws.

Many districts have laws on fence height, material, color, and design. You cannot have a privacy fence close to a junction and the garden fence must be a certain distance from the pavement.

The local Home Owners Association will have opinions too.

It is a good idea to check all regulations before you begin any construction.

DIY or contractors for the fencing project?

You may like the idea of doing all the construction work on the project.

The thought of spending a few weekends getting stuck into the hard work appeals to many of our customers.

Contractors, however, may make the job easier. They will have the expertise, the labor, the tools and the experience.

Factoring in the benefits of both options may help you make up your mind.

Plan you time and costs too

Along with choosing between DIY or contractors comes the idea of time and cost.

Do you have the time to commit to doing a good job? How much will the project cost and what are the options?

Use our Draw It & Quote It software to help you get an idea of costs.

If you have any questions regarding fence building techniques, you can always contact us for advice.

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