The right gate will complete your fence.

It will put a focus on the fence, and it can take away from the blank look of a large structure on the property.

Safety regulations in most districts make fence gates mandatory in the backyard, to give access to emergency services.

You will also, of course, need a fence gate to get in and out of the garden or the backyard.

A client of ours asked recently for advice on the right gate for his new fence.

They had a simple fence, and the client wanted to add a touch of elegance to it.

Our experts came up with a list of alternatives, which should keep the client happy.

The 5 types of fence gates that make the simplest fences look elegant are:

  • Ranch gate style entrance
  • Picket style gate
  • Pool fence gates can make a difference
  • Aluminum gates are very secure
  • Vinyl has plenty to offer

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Ranch gate style entrance

A ranch gate entrance adds a lovely touch of style and elegance to the simple rail fence.

The rail fences often do essential work on the property bounds. A two or three rail ranch fence can keep the animals under control and the local wildlife off your property.

Ranch style gates come in different designs to match your particular tastes and the rail fence on the property.

The gate catch the eye of neighbors passing your land and look perfect at the beginning of the track up to the home.

Picket style gate

The wood picket fence is as American as apple pie or fireworks on the 4th of July.

A traditional style one looks lovely running around the property, and growing roses or shrubs around it adds a colorful touch.

Picket style gates can complete the simple picket fence, adding a focus to the traditional picket.

Clients often add an arch over the picket gate, to grow flowering vines or rambling roses.

The gate need not match the style of your fence, and you may pick from a variety of designs.

Pool fence gates can make a difference

A pool fence is usually the least exciting one on the property.

It is there to do a job, a vital one of keeping the pool area safe and under your control.

The self-locking pool fence gate is a critical part of the structure.

There are a variety of pool fence gates available that can add a touch of class to the uninteresting fence.

When putting a gate on your pool fence go for a bit of style and make the structure look more elegant than it could be.

Aluminum gates are very secure

Aluminum adds a real touch of elegance to the property.

An aluminum gate speaks of security and of gives a sense of permanence to the fence.

You can have an aluminum gate with a wooden fence; in fact it can be an exquisite addition.

The metal is very durable and needs very little maintenance, which is a bonus when it comes to preparing a fence for the winter months.

The styles and designs available give a lot of choice to the homeowner.

Vinyl has plenty to offer

Vinyl fencing has plenty to offer the homeowner.

It is very low maintenance and only needs a little care over its long life of service.

As it is with aluminum, so can you use vinyl gates with any other fencing material.

Vinyl gate designs come in a variety of styles and colors, and they are robust and secure too.

Many clients can’t tell the difference between vinyl and wood when it is in place on the property.

It may be a bit more expensive initially, but the low maintenance costs pay back the investment.

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