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There are many advantages of iron fencing.

Finding six is not difficult, but choosing only six off the list of plenty is a bit tricky. At Fence Supply Online we love this style of fencing. We know the many advantages of iron fence gates and how our clients value them.

The problem is that some people think that iron fence gates are old-fashioned. We hear of clients saying that it is too much trouble, that it takes too much maintenance or that it breaks so easily. The truth is that the advantages of iron fencing out-weigh the disadvantages.

We started to discuss the advantages/disadvantages of iron fencing over coffee one morning recently. Quickly we were coming up with a lot more advantages than disadvantages. A list appeared with our ideas, and we put a few together here.

Our list of six advantages of iron fencing includes:

  • You get security with iron fencing
  • Low maintenance is an advantage too
  • It is a very safe fencing option
  • Iron fence gates are beautiful in the garden
  • Add curb appeal with iron fencing
  • Repairs are easy too

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

You get security with iron fencing

Iron fencing is a very secure form of fencing to have on your property. It does not break or get damaged easily, and the kids and pets are safe around the garden.

It also adds security to the home area. The bad guys will not climb easily over one into your garden. Iron is difficult to cut or even to damage by impact.

You do not get such security from any other type of fencing.

Low maintenance is an advantage too

There is a myth that iron fencing is nothing but high maintenance. The truth is that it is low-maintenance fence and only makes your life easier.

It is powder-coated at the factory. The process coats the iron with a protective layer that keeps it rust-free.

There is not any need to paint, seal, or stain the iron.

It is a very safe fencing option

Another myth that we hear a lot is that iron is not very safe. Apparently, it breaks easily, and kids and the pets can get caught in damaged bits.

The truth here is that it does not break, split, or splinter easily. It will keep your pets and kids safe at all times.

Fence Supply Online stocks Puppy Panels which keep dogs and even small kids from slipping through the rails. The panels are easy to fix to the fence, and you can remove them when going to a new home.

Iron fencing is beautiful in the garden

The beauty is difficult to dispute. The fence will stand tall and proud in your garden and only add to the look of your elegant home.

The craftmanship of the ornamental iron fence gates will give you plenty of ideas.

When designing your garden, think of the beauty of an iron fence gate.

Add curb appeal with iron fencing

Combining the beauty and security of an iron fence gives you curb appeal.

Anyone passing your home will be impressed by the fence. They will see how much it adds to your home and yard.

The security will add to the value of your home too.

Repairs are easy too

Like any product, you may have to do repairs to the fence from time to time.

The good news is that repairs are easy. You need only replace a panel by opening our unique bracket system and fitting the new one.

The posts are also simple to replace.

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