Our home is lovely, but until recently the backyard was a bit neglected and in need of some tender loving care.

My wife Lisa was always complaining about it.

“It looks terrible,” she’d say “I wish we could do something with it.”

Earlier this summer we put a little bit of money into the yard, including the installing of a small fence along the edge of the pebbled area.

My birthday was this week and I had the pleasure of falling asleep in the backyard, right next to that fence my son and I put up a few weeks back.

I loved sitting by the fence and it made me think of other ways to incorporate one into the backyard.

Here are six great ways I’ve come up with to make a backyard fence work even better for you.

  1. Install One To Break Up The Look Of The Yard
  2. Paint It A Strong Color
  3. Use A Design That Works
  4. Grow Plants Around The Fence
  5. Think Of The Height
  6. Put The Fence Where It Can Stop The Wind But Not The Sun

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

1. Install A Fence To Break Up The Look Of The Yard

It’s what we did with our backyard fence.

We put a picket fence, with a dog ear rail tops, about three-quarters the way towards the back boundary and running across half the width of the yard.

Now the yard doesn’t look as empty and it feels a lot more welcoming when looking out from the kitchen window.

The new fence breaks up the space, and it looks as if we have two garden areas, where before we had just the bare yard.

2. Paint The Fence A Strong Color

By a strong color, I mean one that compliments the plants and shrubs of the yard.

A green, matching that of evergreen leaves, will give the yard a splash of color all the year round.

You will notice the fence if it is at the boundary or stylishly placed, but it will blend nicely with the lawn or the picket hedge you can grow besides it.

An unpainted fence can look cold and unwelcoming in a backyard area.

3. Use A Fence Design That Works

Don’t go out and buy the first fence you see.

Think of how it will work in the backyard and how it will go with the plants you are growing or the ones you may buy.

A traditional picket fence will always incorporate into the backyard better than a functional chain link one.

Think of the backyard fence as a garden ornament and picture how it may look when it is in place.

4. Grow Plants Around It

If you have a fence in place, consider a bit of planting.

By growing leafy, green shrubs along the fence, you will be getting color throughout the year.

The fence can protect the plants from the winter winds and help them to grow strong over the years.

Consider bright, flowering plants during the spring and summer months for that extra dash of color.

5. Think Of The Height

You may want the fence to keep your pet in or maybe the next-door neighbor’s dog out.

A fence of three or four feet will do the job perfectly.

Don’t put up one of six-foot and have the fence dominating the backyard.

Remember you want to incorporate the fence, not make the area feel like a prison yard.

6. Have A Fence Block The Wind But Not The Sun

If you are running a fence around the boundary of the backyard use it to block out the wind that can do so much damage.

Use a privacy fence or maybe a picket fence with wide rails that are spaced closely together.

Do not have it blocking out your sunlight.

Incorporate the fence design to make the backyard a suntrap, not a dark hole.

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