A garden arbor is the perfect addition to any yard or front lawn.

On its own, the garden arbor will attract attention, take away from a blank space on the property, or even become part of your fence. What better way to walk into the front garden than through an arbor?

The one way to improve an arbor is to grow plants on and around it. Trailing plants love an arbor and will quickly make their way through the trellis or around the posts. At Fence Supply Online we love getting photos from clients showing off their arbor in full bloom during the summer months.

A lot of our customers ask for recommendations on the perfect trailing plants for a garden arbor. The honest answer is that there are plenty of plants to do the growing on your arbor. To help with your choices, we asked our experts to come up with a few suggestions. The list is a long one, but there are plenty of great ideas on it.

Included on the list of trailing plants to add to your garden arbor area:

  • Why not try a rose for the arbor?
  • A clematis always looks great
  • Honeysuckle is full of sweet scents
  • Jasmine is another plant with plenty of scents
  • Grapevines give fruit too
  • Give Wisteria a try

Let’s take a closer look at each plant on the list.

Why not try a rose for the arbor?

There are many varieties of climbing roses, and they come in a choice of colors.

One great plus with a rose is that they can be easy to grow, once you care for them.

Roses are a hardy plant and will make it through the toughest of winters.

The color and the beautiful scents of the roses make for a perfect trailing arbor plant.

A clematis always looks great

Have you ever seen a Clematis in full bloom?

It is a stunning sight and always takes the breath away.

Clematis attracts butterflies and other colorful insects to your garden.

The plant is low-maintenance but high on the returns.

Honeysuckle is full of sweet scents

Another trailing plant, which is very easy to grow.

You plant the Honeysuckle and help it trail in and around the arbor as it grows over the years.

Soon you will have bursts of color and a garden full of the sweet scents.

Bees love Honeysuckle, and their buzzing is a real sound of summer.

Jasmine is another trailing plant full of scents

Like the Clematis, the Jasmine plant is so full of color.

Often clients match a Clematis with Jasmine to get a beautiful arbor picture.

They grow them from opposite sides, and they meet over the arch.

The scent from the Jasmine on a summer evening will stay with you through the winter.

Grapevines give fruit too

The Grapevine will give you color in the late spring and during the summer.

A big bonus is the grapes you will get when they ripen in the fall.

You can walk through the arbor and pick a bunch to have over lunch.

Grapevines can grow in most climates but ask for advice if you are not so sure.

Give Wisteria a try

Wisteria may take its time to grow and start flowering, but it is worth the effort.

The amazing lavender flowers come in very thick bunches, covering the arbor in color. The scents from the plant are beautiful too.

You will need to control the Wisteria as it does tend to take over a bit.

It grows well in USA Zones 4 -9, so check local suitability before you plant Wisteria.

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