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Are you thinking of buying a new fence for your property?

If so then your friends at the trusted fence supply company are the ones to ask.

At www.fencesupplyonline.com we don’t like to brag, but we do have all the answers to most fencing questions.

What then don’t we know?

Well, we don’t always know your neighborhood rules and regulations. These are the sort of questions which you should put to your neighbors. When combined with the answers from your supply company you will be well armed when buying your new fence.

As an aside, if you are new in the neighborhood then asking questions about a fence can be an excellent way to break the ice and make new friends.

There are six questions to ask your neighbor before buying a new fence and they would be:

  • What Fencing Material Is Best For The Area?
  • Do You Mind If I Go A Bit High At The Back Of The Property?
  • How about if I Erect A Fence Along The Boundary Line?
  • What Colors Can I Paint The Fence?
  • Are There Any Local Laws That I Need To Know About?
  • What About The Local Wildlife?

Let’s take a closer look at each question, so you are well-prepared when meeting the neighbors.

What Fencing Material Is Best For The Area?

Your neighbor will know what works best in the local area.

They know the weather and how the local climate can act upon wood, iron or aluminum.

Use their experience to pick the right material, as they may know from bad luck which ones survive and the ones that don’t make it.

Constant rain or wind from one direction could do a lot of damage over the years if the fence isn’t cared for properly or is of the wrong material.

Do You Mind If I Go A Bit High At The Back Of The Property?

A thorny old chestnut of a question that can cause a lot of trouble among neighbors.

A fence which is too high can block sunlight, rain and drying winds from getting to a neighbor’s garden.

If you ask the neighbor in advance, you may be able to work out a compromise on height and one that works for both of you.

It is best to have an agreement, rather than years of fighting when it comes to fencing height.

Do You Mind If I Erect A Fence Along The Boundary Line?

Another question if not approached properly which can cause more than a few problems.

As both of you will be sharing a fence on the boundary, then it is best to have agreement on color, height, material and style.

A fence may also cause dispute where none previously existed as it makes the boundary that bit more real.

Maintenance also becomes a consideration, if the fence actually runs on the boundary, as neighbors will share costs in most cases.

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What Colors Can I Paint The Fence?

If it looks like all the fences in the neighborhood are white, then you may need to go the same way.

Ask the neighbor if you are thinking of going a different color and see how they react.

The brightest pink may not be to everyone’s taste.

Local laws may govern painting decisions too, ones only a neighbor may know.

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Are There Any Local Laws I Need To Know About?

Speaking of local laws or traditions.

Ask the neighbor about all fencing regulations and the standards expected of residents on the street.

They can tell you of height rules, both for the front and the back, as well as colors allowed, materials used and even designs which the residents prefer to see.

Your lovely new fence may need to come down if you get it wrong.

What About The Local Wildlife

The local wildlife may be a real hazard to your garden.

If you like to grow your own produce, then you do not want every rabbit in the district dining out on your lettuce every night.

The neighbors will know from experience and will guide you towards the right fence to buy.

You cannot buy experience, but you can learn a few priceless lessons from someone who knows the area better than you do.

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