We often get calls and emails from customers saying “The old wooden fence out the back is looking a bit the worse for wear. What should I do?”

Without seeing the fence, we cannot say for definite if they should knock or replace it.

We do have a rough checklist to tick off, to get a better idea on the old wooden fence and if replacement is the answer.

On any list of signs that you should replace your wooden fence would be:

  • It’s more broken than not
  • Annual maintenance costs are high
  • The fence is becoming too much trouble for you
  • Is it more than 20 years old?
  • The kids and the dog are getting through it, a lot.
  • Take a walk along the fence

It’s more broken than not

If the broken rails and panels catch your eye every time you drive up to the house, then you may have a problem.

Older fences break easily and even well-maintained wooden fences eventually reach the end of their working lives.

An old broken fence will cost a lot to keep fixing, and the new rails and panels may not match the older ones.

It is a job you are going to have to do at some stage so maybe now is the time.

Annual maintenance costs are high

Are the maintenance bills for the fence high and do they seem to get higher each year?

Do you find you need to employ a contractor for work that once took you only a few days?

There comes a time when the economic benefit of repairing an old fence surpasses the cost of replacing it.

We always recommend getting a few quotes on replacing the fence and weigh up the costs against what you are spending each year on the upkeep.

The fence is becoming too much for you

As with a lot of older properties, there comes a time when working on the fence each year is a lot of trouble.

The time, costs and effort in doing the annual maintenance may just become too much for you.

This is very true of those of us who are getting on in years.

An old wooden fence takes a lot of your time and physical energy.

You may be better off investing in a new one and making life that much easier on yourself and the family.

Is it more than 20 years old?

A critical question for a wooden fence.

The lifespan of a good wooden fence is about 20 years, and even lots of maintenance will not help one going over that age.

Of course, some wood lasts longer than others, so if the fence is still sturdy, you may get a few more years from it.

Problems do begin to mount with old wooden fences, and you may be saving yourself a lot of time and money by replacing one that is 20 years in the ground.

The kids and the dog are getting through it, a lot.

This one is often the first sign that all is not well with the fence.

If rails are cracking and falling off faster than you can get around to working on them, then maybe the time has come for a replacement.

The kids and the dogs will find the gaps and use them to escape.

If you are spending a lot of time chasing Patch the dog around the neighborhood, then maybe it is time for a new fence.

Take a walk along the fence

If you are unsure about the fence, then take a walk along it.

Check the wood and see if it is rotting, cracking or chipping a lot.

Give the posts a shake and see how stable they are in the ground.

If you see a lot of damage or hear a lot of creaks, then the time may be coming for replacing old faithful.

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