Are you thinking of installing fencing in a wooded area? Maybe you have an old fence which needs replacing, and you’re looking for help? Installing a fence in a wooded area is not the same as one in the front garden.

Nor is it the same as erecting one around the pool or deck. Preparation is the key to getting the fencing installation in a wooded area right. What though, is the proper preparation and what are the pitfalls?

Our team of experts puts together a plan, and this post is the result of their work.

Their 6 steps to preparing for fencing installation in wooded areas are:

  • Check your boundary maps
  • Cost the project fully before you begin
  • Choose the correct material
  • Clear the space
  • Install the posts
  • Check for local wildlife

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Check your boundary maps

It may seem obvious, but many landowners forget to check their boundary maps before they begin a project.

This can lead to unforeseen problems further down the line.

You may build the fence on your neighbor’s property, without realizing the mistake until they come knocking on your door.

Alternatively, you could be ceding some land to them, which may lead to problems when you sell the property.

Usually, neighbors agree on boundaries and costs on a fencing project, before construction.

This is vital in a wooded area, where boundaries are not distinct, and neighbors can’t keep an eye on each other until it is too late.

Cost the project fully, before you begin

Another common mistake, and one which may cost you a lot of money by the time the project finishes.

After consulting with neighbors and the boundary maps, draw an accurate sketch of the fence.

Use our Draw It & Quote It software to get a picture of the scale of the project. You will also get a full idea of costs and where you can make savings.

Only by knowing all the variables can you budget properly.

Fencing in wooded areas can be expensive, so have a reasonable grasp on costs, before you begin any work.

Choose the correct material

The wooded area hides a fence from view. You can’t keep an eye on any damage.

The fence will also be subject to the climate conditions inside the wooded area.

You need to choose a material which is durable, low maintenance and which will withstand the damp conditions.

Vinyl fencing may be a perfect solution as it fits the bill on all accounts.

Wood is an alternative as it is cheaper than vinyl, but it will need a lot of maintenance.

Ask neighbors and your local fence supply company for advice on getting this one right.

Clear the space

Once you have the maps right, the costs all under control and the material chosen, comes the time to clear the land.

Depending on the scale of the project it may be a good idea to hire a small bobcat digger for the weekend.

You may have a lot of digging and clearing to do, and the bobcat will make the job go quickly.

Clear the lines between posts of scrub and any other obstructions.

Try not to cut down trees and saplings, but go around them as much as possible.

Install the posts

Use the bobcat for digging the post holes.

You may have a lot to install, so make the job easier on yourself

If possible install wooden posts in concrete to protect from decay.

Always use wood treated for burial in soil.

Having the posts in position before beginning speeds up the project.

Check for local wildlife

Your wooded area may be home to a lot of wildlife.

The fence may cut across their hunting paths and where they roam.

If you put wildlife gaps in the fence it will give them a path through, and they won’t knock the fence.

Ask a wildlife ranger for help when building your fence in a wooded area.

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