Vinyl Adhesive

Vinyl adhesives have many uses and are the first choice of professionals. In the fencing business you spend a lot of maintenance time, repairing and keeping a fence. With vinyl fencing, gluing, and other on-the-spot repairs, are part and parcel of the regular care.

At Fence Supply Online, we know how good vinyl fence repair glue can be. We recommend them to all of our customers, and we use vinyl adhesives on our fences. The quality, reliability, and many uses of vinyl fence repair glues make them a popular seller on our online store.

One of our long-term clients called recently looking for recommendations on caring for the vinyl fence on his property. Most of his problems were fixable using a vinyl adhesive. After a brief chat, our expert put down some of the points, for future reference.

The list of things to know about vinyl adhesives includes:

  • What is a vinyl adhesive?
  • Uses for the product
  • It is UV and water proof
  • Cleaning and storage of vinyl adhesives
  • Not all adhesives are the same
  • Check the instructions too

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

What is a vinyl adhesive?

Fence Supply Online offers fencing, deck features, and other accessories such as garden jewelry made from vinyl.

Vinyl is sturdy and very durable and will last for many years. From time to time, you will get a crack or split in a rail or post. Repairing vinyl fencing is very easy using a vinyl adhesive.

Vinyl fence repair glue is formulated using chemicals to form a tight bond, which will have your fence looking like new again.

Only vinyl adhesives work on vinyl fence products and accessories.

Uses for vinyl fence repair glue

There are many uses for vinyl adhesives.

Maybe you are replacing a few rails and need to cut them to size. If you then need to strengthen the joint between rail and post, a vinyl adhesive will do the job.

If the kids manage to crack one of the fence posts, don’t worry. A quick application will solve the problem

Nicks, cracks, and even a break are easily fixed too.

You can repair other vinyl products around the yard too, but always check the instructions first.

It is UV and water proof

Do not worry about how it will do outdoors.

Fence Supply Online vinyl products will work anywhere, under any weather conditions.

Our vinyl adhesives are UV proof and will not crack, fade or deteriorate under the sun’s rays.

They are also waterproof, so you need not worry about rain or moisture seeping into the fence.

Cleaning and storage of vinyl adhesives

This adhesive for vinyl is very easy to use, and by taking the proper precautions, the work should go very smoothly.

There will always be a surplus, once you have the repairs looking good. Wiping with a damp cloth will take some of the excess away. You can also use mineral spirits, or mild acetone to clear the area.

Always check the manufacturer’s instructions before using any cleaning product.

Seal the tube of and store in a cool area, away from the kids.

Not all adhesives are the same

You may see a vinyl adhesive in a discount store and think it is a good option.

The cheaper product is rarely the better one.

Always purchase from a fence supply agent.

You will be getting the right product for the repair work and one that will last for many years too.

Always check the instructions

Along with using the correct adhesive, always read the instructions too.

Check with the fence or accessory manufacturer about the best adhesive for their product.

Ensuring you have the right one is vital for the success of the repair.

Follow the instructions, and you will not go wrong.

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