Iron fences are an attractive addition to almost any kind of property. The robust material provides excellent security to your perimeter as well. In order to best utilize these qualities of your iron fencing, you will need to care for it. Here are 6 things you should do to ensure your iron fencing continues to be functional and look beautiful for years to come.

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  1. Apply protective coating

    Exposure to elements such as humidity and rain causes iron to rust. You can, and should, prevent such damage. To keep your fence from rusting, paint is an absolute necessity . Powder coated fences will have a high gloss which is an automotive style

  2. Paint it (for those not powder coated)

    Painting your iron fence is also a great way to protect it. The coat of paints forms a protective layer between the iron and air, minimizing the chances of rusting. Moreover, painting the fence makes it more attractive. Choose a color wisely though; the wrong color can ruin the whole look just like the right color can create an amazing picture around your property.

  3. Clean your fence

    A clean fence is a beautiful and functional fence. To clean your iron fence, use a mixture of dish detergent and warm water. First remove the dirt and clean rusty spots (get a toothbrush to reach tricky areas). Then rinse the fence with water and let it dry. By keeping your fence clean you will not only maximize its life but be able to spot potential problems early on. Using a pressure washer is not recommended as the water can cut the exterior finish and get to the metal underneath.

  4. Inspect the fence frequently

    By regularly inspecting your fence you can easily see if it needs repairing. Keep an eye out not just for signs of rust, but for other damage like cracks or loose/unstable footings. If you painted the fence, see if there are chips in the paint. If identified in time, most iron fencing problems can be fixed quite easily. The idea is to avoid discovering a problem when it has grown into a big, costly one. Using Fence Armor is a must to prevent damage to the most important part of the fence, the post. Fence Armor will prevent damage from power edgers. Fence Armor for Iron fenceFence Armor video 

  5. Repair rusting areas

    If you see that a portion of your fence has begun to rust, you should repair it immediately. First remove the rust with steel wool or sandpaper. Then apply a red oxide primer to the metal. Then use a high zinc (made for metal) spray paint that matches your color. You can also touch up the paint job to minimize the appearance of rust. If you see that your fence is severely rusted, it’s best to get professional help. You can ask your fence supplier if you don’t know any fence repair professionals.

  6. Fix bent segments

    Accidents happen. So if one happens to your fence you can fix the bent section yourself. Powder coating and paint don’t flex. Any bending of the metal will crack the finish and expose the metal to water. If you are going to straighten the segment and use a hammer to return it to its original position. Be careful and use protective gear especially when using power tools. If the damage is too much, it’s best to let a professional take care of it.

The more you care for your iron fencing, the better job it will do of beautifying and protecting your property.