6 Tips for Choosing Ornamental Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fence

When it comes to fencing, there are many different options out there. Vinyl fencing is affordable and very durable, while being virtually maintenance free. Wood fencing is classic, and can offer a rustic, country look, while saving money. Metal fencing is tremendously strong, and an ornamental iron fence can add a look of timeless elegance while lasting for a very, very long time. If you’re in the market for an ornamental iron fence, though, there are a few things that you should consider before buying.

Working with Your Existing Style

One of the first considerations when buying an ornamental iron fence is whether or not you can match your home’s existing style. Both wrought iron and cast iron fences can be designed to incorporate aesthetics from the home to create a distinguished look that will not only stand out in the neighborhood, but last for a hundred years or more with a little care.

Do You Need Privacy?

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Another consideration when choosing the right fence for your property is whether privacy is a big concern. Yes, an ornamental iron fence can deter people from entering the property, but most designs are relatively open and do not restrict visibility into the property. If you have areas of the yard where you want privacy, you might consider combining iron with another material, including wood or even brick (in the form of a wall) to prevent prying eyes from peering into your yard. With that being said, you can also plant shrubs, flowers and trees behind the fence to increase your privacy without the costs of using additional materials like wood or brick.

Overall Design

Quad ball top finial

Quad ball top finial

Triad finial


In addition to the ability to tie your ornamental iron fence into your home’s design, it can also have its own style. You can create a modern style by combining black iron uprights with white horizontal sections, or go for a Gothic or Victorian design with spirals, finials and the like. There are tons of potential options here, so let your imagination run wild.


If there’s one misconception about ornamental iron fence, it’s cost. Metal fencing is more costly than wood or some PVC. Of course, that’s just the initial cost. Properly maintained over time, a metal fence can last for more than a lifetime. Some have stood for 200 years or more. There’s also the fact that when properly designed and sealed (powder coating, for instance), there is very little maintenance needed to keep an iron fence looking great for decades to come.


Chances are good that you’re going to need a way to get through the fence, whether it secures your entire property and you need access via the driveway, or you’re installing a smaller fence in the yard and need to close off access to a walkway or path. Ornamental iron fence gates allow you to restrict access while tying into the overall design of the fence itself. You’ll find gates in a very wide range of styles, sizes and types, so you can achieve the look you want easily.

More Than Boundary Markers

For many people, an ornamental iron fence is the ideal option for marking off property boundaries, but the fact remains that they can be used in many other places. For instance, did you know that these make great choices for pool fencing? You can prevent unaccompanied children or pets from gaining access to the pool area, ensure visibility while the kids are playing in the water, and more.

There you have them, some of the most important considerations when choosing an iron fence for your home. Ready for a quote click here.