3 rail cedar split rail fence

Thinking of making the big move and getting a new fence for the home?

Has that old one been there since the Nixon administration or maybe you don’t have one and the dog keeps running off?

The critical consideration here is choosing the right one.

Make the wrong choice and you could be looking at your mistake for many years to come.

A list of 6 tips for choosing the right fence for your home would include:

  1. Think Of The Maintenance
  2. Are You Looking For Some Privacy?
  3. How About A Bit Of Decoration?
  4. Difference Between Front And Back
  5. Keeping Animals In Or Out
  6. Ask The Local Building Office

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

1 Think Of The Maintenance

You will need to look after a fence if it is going to last for many years.

A wooden one will need a lot of care each year. You will need to clean it, possibly paint it and maybe even treat it for disease and the effects of the weather.

A vinyl fence may be more expensive initially, but there is a lot less maintenance involved. A good wash down with the garden hose and a stiff brush should keep it clean.

Aluminum and iron have their own problems, but all fencing materials will need maintaining.

2 Are You Looking For Some Privacy?

Do you want to keep the neighbors from looking over into your yard?

When picking a fence for the home, consider a privacy one for the project.

They can come to a good height and with the solid panels, you will have all the privacy you need to go about your business.

Be careful though of blocking airflow, light and rain from the garden or of making your home into a bit of a fortress.

3 How About A Bit Of Decoration?

A fence can add a touch of style to your garden area.

The traditional picket is a thing of beauty on its own, but you can also get them in different designs and lengths to add a touch of something different.

Vinyl fencing has a choice of color schemes, which will bring a bit of light during the darker months.

Think of planting shrubs in and around your fence too during the spring and summer time of year.

security finials at White House

4 The Difference Between Front And Back

Do you know that in most areas you can have a higher fence in the back than in the front yard?

This can make a difference in the fencing material you choose and maybe even in the overall design.

A high one in the back will give you privacy and security, while the front fence can be a bit more decorative.

People may not see the back fence from the street, so you can paint it a different color for a bit of contrast with the front one.

5 Keeping Animals In Or Out

If you have a dog, then you will have to think of a fence to keep it from straying.

Usually a three to five-foot fence will keep one under control, but if you go for a rail fence, then you may need some puppy panels to stop Bruno from slipping out.

Ask the neighbors about the local wildlife.

You may need a secure fence, such as a panel one, to stop them coming in and eating all your fresh produce.

6 Ask The Local Building Office

This is one that many people forget.

There may be local regulations on height, length and material used, which may well influence your choice.

Many districts will not allow a privacy fence or one over three foot in the front yard.

The local building officials will have all the answers so give them a call.

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