Is your backyard looking a bit bare?

Could it do with one of those makeovers, a fence layout which turns it into the perfect summer’s day garden?

Maybe you’ve just moved into a new home and are looking for something that bit different?

At Fence Supply Online our clients often ask about backyard fence layouts.  Some clients want a new design while others just want an upgrade.

The 7 garden fence layouts for all types of backyards are:

  • The privacy fence has many advantages
  • A picket fence gives the traditional look
  • Homesteaders love the rail fence
  • The wooden fences suit all layouts
  • Ornamental metal fences give style
  • Elevated beds are very useful
  • Accessories make the fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The privacy fence has many advantages

Often the view of our clients is that the privacy fence turns the garden into a prison yard.

True, if you don’t put a bit of thought and design into the fence layout.

You can alternate the height of the panels, giving you privacy where it is most needed.

The vinyl privacy fence comes in a variety of colors and designs.

By growing plants, trees, vines and shrubs along the base, you can have a thriving garden.

The privacy fence protects against wind, rain and too much sunshine.

Your family will enjoy the privacy and the beauty of a colorful garden during the summer months.

A picket fence gives the traditional look

People love tradition, especially when it comes to the layout of their gardens.

The traditional picket fence can make for a beautiful boundary fence around the backyard.

You can choose from the wood pickets or the more modern vinyl picket fencing.

Vinyl is now a sturdy, durable material, which comes in many colors and styles.

Add a gate to the picket fence as a focal point, and make more use of the backyard garden.

Homesteaders love the rail fence

Another excellent country cottage look that works well in every setting.

Our round rail fences are ideal when you have a large garden area to enclose, but you don’t want it to feel too closed in either.

The split rail fence is another traditional look, which takes a bit of skill to install but has the real primitive look and feel.

Both fence styles will look great if you spread a few packs of wildflower seeds around the base in the late autumn.

Come next year, when you’ve forgotten about the wildflowers, they will appear from nowhere and add a beautiful splash of color.

Wooden fences suit all layouts

Wooden fences come in all sizes, shapes, and designs.

The wooden fence speaks of longevity, of tradition and adds a certain style to the garden.

You can paint it whatever color you like, within reason, and wood is easy to work with, so you can mix up the look of the fence.

We know of clients who mix a bit of privacy with a round rail and maybe even a bit of picket too.

Wood isn’t for everyone as it comes with a lot of maintenance, but with love and care it will stay strong for many years.

Ornamental metal fences give style

Metal can be expensive, though aluminum is becoming very competitive.

The beauty of the metal is the ornamental styles which are available.

Aluminum and iron speak of permanence and good taste while adding a touch of security too for the backyard.

Flowering vines will quickly find a home around the metal fence, adding lovely color in the summer months.

Elevated beds are very useful

An elevated bed can serve more than a few purposes.

It can stop the dog from burrowing out, and the neighbor’s one from getting into the backyard.

The elevated bed will also take away from the bare look of a fence, while adding a new plot for you to cultivate.

People grow flowering shrubs, plants and produce in their elevated beds.

The beds drain well and get all the protection they need from the fence.

Accessories make the fence

Whatever style of fence you go with, you should also consider accessories.

Ornamental fence post caps can catch the eye and give the fence a touch of something different.

The same is true of our solar fence lamps.

They are easy to fit, cost nothing to run and add security to the yard area.

Mix up the look of your fence with a few accessories.

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