Vinyl is an extremely popular fencing material. It’s easy to install, is very durable and flexible, requires little maintenance and is available in a variety of different styles. Besides looking really beautiful on your property, it offers great value for money.

Before you start

Before you go off and order your vinyl fence however, you need to think about a few things. By taking these considerations prior to installing your fence, you can avoid considerable inconvenience and make the most of your new fencing.vinyl fencing

Here are seven things you should consider before having your vinyl fence installed.

  1. What is the purpose of your fence? Are you putting up the fence for beautifying your property? Or do you need it for safety or privacy reasons? Vinyl presents plenty of options so you should first figure out what you need the fence for.
  2. What is the best style for your purpose? Once you identify why you need a fence, think which style would best suit that reason. Asking a professional fence supply company can help you make the best choice.3 rail vinyl fence, vinyl horse fence,
  3. Calculate the area and material. You need to know how much area will be fenced and how much material you will need. Again, ask the fence supply to help you with the calculations. Vinyl has a higher upfront cost so you don’t want to waste money getting more material than you really need.

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  4. Consult your neighbors. Talk to your immediate neighbors to make sure your new fence will not affect their property or disturb them in any way. You can save a lot of inconvenience and headache if you have this discussion first.
  5. Check fencing code requirements. If there are any restrictions on the size or placement of the fence, you should know about them. Check with your neighborhood association to confirm you can go ahead and set up your vinyl fence the way you want it.
  6. Check for underground obstacles. Before you start digging, make sure there are no underground utilities that may be affected by your fencing project. You should also look for unmarked obstacles like cable TV, septic lines, septic tanks.
  7. Obtain a permit. Make sure you have the necessary building permits as determined by your local code.

Ready for a quote?

While you should consider the above factors when installing any type of fence, you may be tempted to jump right into putting up vinyl fencing since it’s so easy to install. So do your homework before you get started. A good fence supplier can help make the process go smoothly. You can avoid considerable hassle and get the most out of your new fence. We have several videos to help make the install process easier.