cedar split rail

The beauty of a split rail fence on your property is something every rancher knows well. They also know the importance of maintaining the split rail fence and keeping it like new.

At Fence Supply Online we often get inquiries from landowners looking for tips on maintaining a split rail fence. When we are selling the product to clients, our experts stress how vital it is to care of the fence, in all weather conditions.

With this in mind we’ve put our heads together and come up with ideas on maintaining a split rail fence.

Our 7 tips for maintaining your split rail fence include:

  1. Use pressure-treated wood
  2. Stain the wood regularly
  3. Keep plants and grass away
  4. Use Fence Armor
  5. Choose vinyl for low maintenance
  6. Do repairs immediately
  7. Regular inspections reduce common problems

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Use pressure-treated wood

Investing in the long-term life of your fence is vital from the start of the project.

Pressure-treated wood comes ready from the factory to withstand the worst of the weather problems.

Preservatives, fungicide, UV inhibitors, and sealants are injected into the rails and posts to protect the wood from the inside out, all year long.

Using cheap, non-treated wood is not an option.

Stain the wood regularly

Even if the wood is pressure-treated, you still need to care for it.

In the first couple of years of life you should apply a wood stain to seal the wood as it seasons in the open air.

The stain will soak into the grain and protect it as the wood dries out in the sun and wind.

You can choose a colored stain to bring out the quality of the wood.

Keep plants and grass away

A split rail fence is an excellent choice for keeping livestock under control.

You will also need to control the trees, plants, and grass that grow in and around the fence.

Termites use branches and leaves to climb up and into the wooden fence.

Unfortunately trees can blow over and break a fence, causing a lot of problems.

By keeping the fence free of plants, trees and grass, you will help maintain the wood for longer.

Use Fence Armor

It is one of our best products for maintaining a split rail fence.

The Fence Armor wraps around the foot of the posts and comes in a variety of sizes.

The metal cover will stop animals from sharpening their teeth or gnawing at the wood, which can weaken the structure.

It will also stop termites from getting access and strengthen the posts during high winds and snowstorms.

Choose vinyl for low maintenance

Vinyl is becoming a very popular choice for ranchers.

The vinyl horse fence may not be exactly split rail, but it will keep the animals under control.

The real beauty of vinyl is the low maintenance, and you won’t have problems with termites and rot. Modern vinyl can withstand impact damage and even UV rays.

All you will need to do is wash the fence with a power hose to keep it looking like new.

Do repairs immediately

This is a tip which we cannot repeat enough to split rail fence owners.

If you see a problem, then fix it before it gets any worse.

A small crack can let in water or termites and spread very quickly.

A broken rail weakens the fence and can cause posts to fall over too.

Keep the structure strong by attending to repairs immediately.

Regular inspections reduce common problems

Speaking of attending to repairs immediately, doing regular inspections are vital.

You need to get out often and check for cracks and any signs of rot or termite infestations.

Give the posts a shake and any loose ones should be reset to keep the fence strong.

The split rail fence will last for many, many years if you care for it properly.

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