Why is iron fencing so good for home security? Is it not expensive and difficult to maintain? Would iron fencing make my garden feel like a prison yard?

Just a sample of some of the questions we get asked by clients thinking about improving their home security with a fence. We have the answers and more besides.

At Fence Supply Online we believe in iron fencing as a great way to increase home security. We know from our years of experience how much it adds to the garden. The security and style of an iron fence can only be better for your home.

Over coffee last week we got to talking about fencing and home security. The two subjects are closely linked, and the right fence will give you plenty of home security. After a lot of talk we drew up a list of the best reasons.

Included on the list of reasons why iron is better for home security are:

  • Iron fencing is robust
  • Modern iron will not rust
  • It is very stylish
  • Increase curb appeal too
  • Maintenance is low
  • Repairs are simple
  • An iron fence is difficult to climb
  • You can see who’s outside

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Iron fencing is robust

It may seem obvious, but an iron fence is robust. It is difficult to cut through, and you will not get very far beating it with a hammer.

Iron fences are not affected by impact damage, and the worst they will do is buckle under pressure.

Modern iron will not rust

Rust was once a big problem with iron fencing. Not anymore, though, and modern iron is powder-coated at the factory. The protective layer keeps rain, damp, and moisture off the iron below.

The modern iron fence will look as good in ten years, as it does today.

It is very stylish

It surprises our clients how stylish are the modern iron fences. You can choose from a range of ornate fencing that will match any design style in the garden.

The fence will be something to admire, yet make you feel secure while at home.

Increase curb appeal too

The secure look of the tall, robust iron fence without any weak spots will be very off-putting to the bad guys. They will know that it is a fence designed to keep them out.

The curb appeal of the beautiful, secure fence is a valuable extra. A prospective buyer will appreciate the quality of the fence when viewing your home.

Maintenance is low

Another big surprise for iron fence owners is how little maintenance they need to do. The rust-proofing is there for life, and all you will need to do is wash the fence regularly.

Annual inspections can catch any weaknesses, and repairing an iron fence is easy.

Repairs are simple

You will not compromise security when doing repairs to the iron fence. Our unique bracket system allows you to swap out a damaged panel in less than an hour. There is not any need to hire a welding machine or a team to do repairs.

Keeping repairs as simple as possible is a significant benefit to security.

An iron fence is difficult to climb

The smooth and tall iron fence is not easy to climb. Many iron fences are six to eight feet tall and not easy to scale or jump over.

The rails are vertical, without any footholds for the climber to mount. Being close together makes it impossible for anyone to slide through the rails.

You can see who’s outside

Another big plus in the security of an iron fence is that you can see through the panels. Anyone hanging around outside your home will have nowhere to hide.

Adding lighting to the fence increases security and lets you see who is coming to your home.

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