Wood fences seem to be a popular choice among majority of homeowners who look to add value to their property along with a traditional touch. There is nothing to worry about having a wood structure in the outdoor, as there are renowned professional fence suppliers who offer the best quality with unprecedented strength and durability. Though wood split rail fence is the most ideal choice for rural areas with huge land space and livestock, some of the city dwellers too have started opting for it during the recent times. Wood split rail fences are very simple and interesting to install even on your own.

Are there variations in the wood split rail fences?

 3 rail split rail fence

When it comes to split rail fences, there are just 2-rail fences and 3-rail fences. Depending on the purpose of installation, you may choose either of them. However, remember to ask the fence supply company how long each of the rails are. Some of the commonly available options are 9 feet long and 11 feet long rails. Knowing this measurement would help you to space the posts accordingly. 9ft rails have post every 8ft and 11ft rails have post every 10ft.

What gives the strength to the wood fence?

Most often, the process involves pressure treating the woods with preservative chemicals like ACQ. Some of the manufacturers use Southern Yellow Pine wood for the rails, as this wood is very strong and adds a very posh look to the surroundings. It is also highly rot-resistant. However, other commonly used choices of woods include the eastern white cedar wood, western red cedar wood and oak wood.

Why should you opt for split rail fences?

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There are many reasons why you can choose to have a split rail fence in your ranch. In addition to the looks and the ancient feel, the wood split rail fences have several advantages:

  • Cost-Effective: Though you might enclose your entire ranch with a split rail, the amount of wood used in split rail fences is far less than those high raised complete wooden fences. The actual cost involved depends on what type of high quality wood you choose. Since installation is quite easy, you can do it on your own or try negotiating for a free installation. Moreover, if you order the fence supply online, the cost of transporting also gets eliminated.
  • Durable: When you opt for a high-end wood such as Southern Yellow Pine made by a well-established manufacturer and install it, you can just forget your worries about maintenance for several years to come.
  • Impressive: Split rail fences add a very different charm to your garden space or ranch. A big advantage is that you can quickly and easily customize these fences to suit your surroundings and match the décor of your property.

What about installation?

You need not be an expert or experienced to install a split rail fence. However, you ought to have the right tools and materials. Probably you might need another person to help you handle and maneuver the materials. Nevertheless, the one main factor you must remember is the right distance between the poles. It must be about eight inches closer than the length of the rails, as this would enable appropriate overlapping of the rails. A professional supplier would always provide complete DIY instructions on the package. If you are not confident, do not hesitate to request for help from the supplier.

To simply put, opting for a wood split rail fence is the most simple and cost-effective way to make your property look more attractive. Just make sure you choose the right vendor to acquire your split rail fence materials.

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