Taking time to accessorize your privacy fence is a great idea. There is a wonderful selection of extras to brighten and enhance the look of what can be a blank space.

At Fence Supply Online we stock a wide range of privacy fence accessories. If you are planning a weekend project, you should take a look and add something a bit different to your fence. We get clients asking for tips on fencing and for extras to brighten up the garden.The experts around the office come up with plenty of ideas to keep them happy.

We decided to put their best ideas down on paper to help people looking to accessorize a privacy fence. The suggestions came quick and fast, and the list grew into a long one. It soon became a top five, after a lot of discussion and a few heated arguments.

Included among the ideas to accessorize your privacy fence are:

  • Decorative accents give plenty of options
  • Fence post cap lights brighten the yard
  • A trellis encourages the plants to grow
  • The mail post is very American
  • Stain a wooden fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Decorative accents give plenty of options

Looking for something to take away the blank look of the privacy fence panel? The Fence Supply Online range of decorative accents will give you many options.

Why not try a Picket Scroll to add a tasteful piece of décor to the fence panels? You can choose from a selection of designs to suit your tastes.

From the Rose Scroll to the Floral Picket Scroll, you can decorate the fence and keep each panel fully accessorized.

Fence post cap lights brighten the yard

A privacy fence can make the yard a darker space, especially at night. If you have a tall fence, the effect may be even worse.

Installing fence post cap lights will help brighten the yard. They are easy to install. You only need to attach the adapter and the light clips into it. There is not any need to run any unsightly wires, if you use solar-powered lights that get their power from the sun.

The lighting can be decorative, such as the Copper Plated Prestige light. You can also go for the more discreet Ornamental Downward Solar Post cap light.

Either way you will be bringing light, comfort, and security to your garden at night.

A trellis encourages the plants to grow

If you want to encourage vines and other climbing plants to grow up the fence, then install a trellis. The plants will find plenty of nooks to entangle themselves, and you will get a burst of color when they flower.

A vinyl trellis is simple to install onto your privacy fence. Our modern, American-made vinyl trellis will not rot and will look good for many years. It will not crack, buckle, or lose its color under the summer sun or winter storms.

Choose from the Vienna Trellis with an elegant arch or the Grande with a gentle curve along the top.

The mail post is very American

There is nothing better than taking a walk to the mail post every day and seeing what awaits you in the box. It is very American and a daily trip worth preserving.

The mailbox post sits perfectly at the edge of a privacy fence.

It works as a functional accessory, which enhances the look of your yard.

Stain a wooden fence

If you have a beautiful wooden privacy fence, it could do with staining.

Sealing and staining a wooden fence should be part of every maintenance plan. By staining the wood, you can bring out the natural beauty of the fence.

A wooden privacy fence is a wonderful asset. Look after it, and the fence will add curb appeal and enhance your home.

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