Blackline Privacy fence

“Is this vinyl fencing any good?” asks Jim, a longtime client of Fence Supply Online.

Jim buys a lot of fencing from us, and we know him as a man who likes his wood.

“You will not find fault or better quality than our black vinyl fencing,” was our expert’s reply.

At this Jim stood back, looking a bit skeptical but willing to hear more too.

You see for Jim and a lot of other clients they only know wood and do not know much about vinyl fencing.

We had a talk about Jim and his wood-loving friends over a coffee one morning. The topic was black vinyl fencing and how to show those guys how good the fencing is now.

We all agree that black vinyl fencing can add a touch of elegance to a property. The experts all nodded their heads and threw out a few suggestions.

Black vinyl fencing can add a touch of elegance by;

  • Always looking good
  • The color will not fade on black vinyl fencing
  • You have an excellent choice of styles
  • Maintenance is not a problem

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Always looking good

Black vinyl fencing will always look good on the property.

If you are installing a privacy fence, you want it to look good, and we have a great choice of styles.

Our ranch fencing stands out for quality and style, while keeping the cattle and horses under control.

A vinyl picket fence is proving to be very popular this season, and there is nothing better than one on the property.

When thinking of vinyl, think of how good it looks and how it will stay looking good for many, many years.

The color will not fade on black vinyl fencing

Part of the big appeal of vinyl fencing is how long it lasts, and the little maintenance you need do.

One problem with black vinyl fencing, back in the old days, was how the color would fade or chalk in the summer sun.

Our partnership with BLACKline vinyl fencing changes all those worries.

Their products are guaranteed not to fade, chalk or buckle under the summer sun. The additives will resist the heat at far higher temperatures than we get and for a long time too.

You will enjoy the strong colors for the life of the fence.

You have an excellent choice of styles

When adding that touch of elegance to the property, you will want to do it from our range of styles.

The black vinyl fencing comes in an elegant style which will always catch the eye of friends, family, and neighbors.

Privacy fences can loom large over a garden area, but the BLACKline ones add to your yard, without making it feel like a prison.

Ranch fencing stands tall, robust and proud, keeping the livestock in the paddock and the ranch looking tidy.

The semi-private styles of the lattice or picket tops are a new addition and keep the flow of air and light going into the yard area.

Choose a style that suits and the vinyl fence will not let you down.

Maintenance is not a problem

Many fences look great when you install them.

A few years later though the color begins to fade or rust takes over, and maybe the wood starts to chip in places.

Maintenance is essential with all fences, but it can be expensive. If you do not stay on top of the work you will have a lot of problems.

Black vinyl fencing is almost maintenance-free. You do not need to paint it, stain or seal it and neither do you have to fix any rust spots.

The low maintenance is low cost too.

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