When designing your fence, think of how it will look when it is in place.

Do you want a fence with bare posts, adding nothing to the style of your backyard?

At www.shop.fencesupplyonline.com we get a lot of people asking for the best way to smarten up the look of a new fence, or even an old one that needs a bit of attention.

Fence decorative caps can add that special touch to a fence post, making it stand out for visitors to admire.

A few questions to consider when thinking of adding fence decorative caps might be:

  1. What Exactly Is A Fence Decorative Cap?
  2. When Is The Best Time To Add A Fence Decorative Cap?
  3. What Styles Are Available?
  4. Is It Easy To Add A Cap To A Fence?

Let’s take a closer look at each question.

What Exactly Is A Fence Decorative Cap?

The simple answer is that a decorative fence cap goes on top of a fence post.

They add a finished look to the fence, covering what would have been a bare spot on the fence.

A fence post cap will match the color and material of the existing fence and will seamlessly fit into the overall look of it running around your property.

We find that clients look at a fence after fitting the caps and can’t believe that they went so long without them in place.

When Is The Best Time To Add A Fence Decorative Cap?

No time like the present as the old saying goes.

Ideally you should add the fence caps when you are erecting the fence on the property.

By doing it while putting up the fence, it will be easy to match the style and color of the fence.

It also means you don’t have to go around afterward doing all that extra work.

If you have a fence in place, don’t panic.

We have the range of styles in stock to match your fence and get it looking like it should.

What Styles Are Available?

Speaking of having styles in stock, we have plenty to match any fence.

The 4×4 Pyramid Post Cap is a classic, flat cap style, with that pyramid-like peak which tops off the fence post perfectly.

The 4×4 New England Cap is slightly flatter than the Pyramid Post Cap but no less elegant in looks.

Our 4×4 Ball Post Cap makes you want to cup the ball in your hand when standing by the fence having a chat with the neighbors. It also gives a bit of extra height to the fence posts which catch the eye of admirers.

As an alternative to the Ball Post Cap, the Gothic Post Cap with its spear-like head is an old style which appeals to many people.

If you want to go down the route of adding a touch of light to the property we have solar fence post caps which are easy to fit and require zero wiring.

Whatever you fence style and your particular tastes, you will easily find a decorative post cap to fit on your fence.

Is It Easy To Add A Fence Post Cap To Your Fence?

Yes it is.

If you fit the caps at the time of installation, then the process will be as easy as one, two, three.

When retrofitting a fence, it may not be as simple as doing the job at the beginning but it can still be an easy enough process.

You may need a fence cap adapter.

The adapter fits onto the existing post and the cap then slots into the unit.

The finished work will look great and the yard will take on a new style from the completed fence.

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