Adding curb appeal with decorative fencing will help when selling your home. It will also make your home and property look great.

You will enjoy the many long years of quality decorative fencing, while knowing the investment will pay you back when selling.  In the sales world they call that a win-win situation.

At Fence Supply Online we carry an extensive range of decorative fencing. You can choose to add a new picket fence, an arbor, or definitely one of our mail posts.

We know decorative fencing adds curb appeal, but there are practical advantages too. You can grow plants in the protective shade of a new fence or up the trellis of an arbor.

We get a lot of queries from clients who want to add curb appeal. Many are thinking of selling, while others know that a bit extra always helps when the time comes. To help you when deciding to upgrade the garden, we put together a little list.

To add curb appeal with decorative fencing you should:

  • Build a vinyl picket fence
  • Catch the eye with decorative accents
  • Iron fencing appeals to the security-conscious
  • Install an arbor in an existing fence
  • Add a mail post to the front yard fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Build a vinyl picket fence

We love picket fences, and vinyl picket fences are straightforward to install. A competent DIYer will put up a picket fence over the weekend, depending on the size of your garden, of course.

Vinyl is a wonderful material to work with in the garden. It is virtually maintenance-free and very durable. Modern vinyl will not crack or buckle under the summer sun, while impact inhibitors prevent storm damage.

You can also choose from a range of colors.

Catch the eye with decorative accents

You might have a fence in place, but it may be a bit old or bland in appearance.

Our range of decorative accents adds style and something a bit different to the fence.

Choose from the Sentinale Picket Scroll or even a Rose Scroll for the corners.

The decorative accents are simple to install and maintain.

Iron fencing appeals to the security-conscious

Nothing adds curb appeal like a security feature, and iron fencing is definitely up there when it comes to protecting your home.

Iron fencing comes in a selection of heights and designs. It can be installed without much difficulty, and a contractor can make quick work of a project.

The fencing looks strong and stylish on the property. The security is obvious, and the fence will not break or crack under impact.

If you are worried about your pets, then add Puppy Panels to stop them from sliding through the narrow rails.

Install an arbor in an existing fence

We stock a fine range of very appealing arbors.

They are made of vinyl and are very easy to install. Remember to order the extras for anchoring the arbor to the ground when purchasing it.

You can install an arbor at the entrance to an existing fence or even have one standing alone as a separate feature.

If installing a vinyl picket fence, then an arbor is a must-have extra.

Add a mail post to the fence for curb appeal

A mail post in the front garden is very American.

You see them on most streets, and our selection will definitely add curb appeal.

When erecting the new picket fence, put a mail post at the end by the house.

Your neighbors will love it and will want one too.

Mixing the look of a fence with a decorative feature always looks great.

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