For those who haven’t installed a fence before, it may seem like the major vinyl fence materials that are used are simply the vinyl fence panels. While these are probably the most important material that is used, it’s far from the only one. Fences take a number of different materials and they can vary based on design and need. We’ll go over the most common materials so you have an idea of what they are and what they are used for.

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Fence panels are the part of the fence that you see in your yard when all the work is done. These can come in many sizes, styles, colors, and designs, which gives you a lot of room to choose the right option based on your personal preferences.


Fence posts are a very important part of the vinyl fence as they are the posts that go into the ground to support the fence. They keep the fence standing upright and help the fence remain that way, even through harsh weather, bumps, or large impacts.

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We don’t recommend (or sell) a fence that uses rail brackets, which make the connection between the fence panels and the fence posts. You want to choose a fence that mounts inside the post. That way you get to use the strength of the post, not a bracket.

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Fence post accessories include everything from post anchors to post clips, post supports, Lighting accessories, and more. These are all important as they work to connect the major parts together. This isn’t somewhere to skimp when you’re buying vinyl fence materials.

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Also, you’ll need supplies like screws, 2x4s, concrete mix, ground stakes, and gravel when you plan to install a fence. You’ll also want to have a number of tools on hand. Everything from a hammer and screwdriver to a rubber mallet and specialty tools like a Rail Remover tool and a Vinyl Notching tool will aid in creating a beautiful new fence.