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Do you have a truckload of fencing materials you are looking to repurpose?

Well, maybe truckload is stretching it a bit but after every fencing job, you will have surplus materials lying around the yard. It may be offcuts from the new fencing project or just materials left from the old fence.

Either way, there are plenty of uses for fencing materials when you want to repurpose them.

“Any idea on what to do with the old fence?” asked Pete, one of our clients, recently, “and I have a few panels left from the new one too.”

Pete installed a new fence and was calling Fence Supply Online, looking for ideas on what to do with the surplus fencing materials.

“Try repurposing them,” said our expert.

“What the what now?” replied Pete.

The subject came up the next morning over the 11 o’clock coffee break. Ideas were flying around the office, and we started to write down the best ones. Now we have plenty of suggestions for Pete and other customers looking to repurpose fencing materials.

The list of how to repurpose fencing materials includes:

  • Use the fencing materials to hide the AC unit
  • Picket fencing materials are great for sign making
  • Stick a hook on a panel
  • Always keep some fencing materials spare

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Use the fencing materials to hide the AC unit

It does not have to be the AC unit, but it’s an excellent example to start with in the yard.

Often the AC unit or other outlets look a bit unsightly close to the home. We may get used to looking at them, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hide them away.

Try building a box fence, like a small roofless shed around the AC unit, using leftover fencing materials. Remember not to block off access or to close-off any air inflows. You can do the same around an oil tank or maybe the barbecue area.

Growing plants up and through the new fence will complete the picture.

Picket fencing materials are great for sign making

Take a look at your pickets on the fence.

If you place one on its side, you have the perfect sign. There is space to write the destination and an arrow pointer to show you the direction. You can write the house name or number on the old picket and hang it by the front door. It will be a quirky way to let travelers know they have arrived.

Alternatively, you can make gifts of them with useful scripts for friends and family.

We know of a client who made a business from making signs out of old pickets.

Remember to sand and seal the wood before painting it.

Stick a hook on a panel

An old panel, or even a new one can have many uses around the yard or home.

Cut a privacy panel or old picket fence down to two or three boards. Tidy it up by sanding off the old paint and maybe staining the clean wood. If you put a hook or two on the panel, it will make for a lovely plant holder or perhaps for hanging a light during the summer. Lean the new panel against the porch or the deck and it will make for an attractive extra.

Always use brass or other weatherproof hooks.

Make sure too that younger kids can’t pull down the garden jewelry.

Always keep some fencing materials spare

Do not repurpose all of the fencing material you have in the yard.

Remember there will be times when you need a panel or two for repairs. The winter storms or the kids during the summer will do damage, and it may be difficult to match older fencing material with new arrivals on the market.

Store the spare material in the shed.

You never know when you may need it.

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