Every homeowner should know about fence supplies and materials. Fences make it harder for unwanted people to enter your property, and keep who or what you want in the yard. Without a fence in your backyard or even in the front lawn, you’re making it easier for an intruder to, well, intrude. A fence also beautifies your home, enhancing open spaces well.

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To make the most of the beauty and security benefits of fencing, it’s best that you familiarize yourself with the different kinds of fence materials available. So whether it’s ensuring that your fence is the correct height or is suitable for your property, you will know how to make it happen. There are four common fence materials, namely wood, wrought iron, and vinyl. Let’s take a look at some basic information about these.



Split Rail and Round Rail beautiful fences make such rustic quality fences. Post and Rails are all that’s needed for this fence. You can’t use stylized tops of your choice for further accentuation. Caps only fit dimensional lumber. 4×4 post being the most common. The rustic nature of the lumber in Split and Round Rail Fence makes it impossible.

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Wrought Iron


The iron fence is known for its ability to ornamentally accentuate properties. You can use these fence supplies in a way that your fence not only looks beautiful but has space in between so you can view the surroundings. Privacy isn’t as big of a concern when using iron fencing as are looks and ornamentation. It is perfect for combining style and functionality. As with wood, it does require regular maintenance.

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3 rail vinyl pvc fence

Vinyl or PVC is a versatile fence material that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. When you’re shopping for fence supplies, you will probably come across vinyl as it is a very popular material. It can mimic the classiness of wood, to some extent. Nowadays any (slightly) higher cost of vinyl is easily offset by the lower maintenance costs and the fact that you won’t have to spend a good amount of your time and energy on regular maintenance.

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