This is a common question and one that is important to consider for the homeowner considering a new fence. While all vinyl fences have some characteristics in common, it is not true that every fence that is vinyl is of the same exact quality as another vinyl fence. So, while vinyl fences can handle extreme weather and are more durable than other sorts of fences, there are some places where you need to dig down to find your answer.

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One thing that can key you into the quality of a fence that is vinyl is the design of it. Some fences are offered as a blank post with brackets that attach the rails to posts. Avoid this style at all cost. These brackets are usually painted steel, which will lead to rust down the road. They can also be brittle and hard to attach as they are one post. Better quality vinyl fences will have posts routed to accept horizontal rails.


Another thing to look at is the gate if your fence includes one. A good quality fence in vinyl will be designed so that it’s mounted to two sides of the post, or through the center of the post, which allows you to install it in multiple areas. Hinges that are single dimensional and only allow attachment on the face of the gate should be avoided. They will move around in the wind and could even become damaged.


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Another myth to be aware of is how and what the fence is made. Look at our article Vinyl Myths for more information. The entire conversation about Virgin vs. recycled plastics is addressed at length. To quote the article “Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is a very versatile product that is used in countless products around the home, not just your pipes. Many sites claim to offer 100% Virgin Vinyl fences… Miss cuts or damaged PVC can be reground into tiny chips and re-extruded to make a new product. Regrinding of miss cuts and damaged pieces helps keep a huge amount of product out of the landfill.”

If you follow these tips, you’ll have a fence that lasts you years. Take the extra time to get the details and make sure your money is spent wisely.