Everyone with dogs understands the desire to protect them and keep them in the yard. As well as the desire to keep other small critters out of the yard. Attaching wire mesh to vinyl fence or attaching wire mesh to wood fence is a economical option.

Types of wire mesh

Attaching wire mesh to vinyl fence or wood fence comes down to selection. The types of wire mesh range from welded wire or “No Climb” to Field fence. Even plastic safety fence, while not attractive, has been used. This brings up a problem which is the wire mesh. Even though it is galvanized, it will continue to rub on the post leaving lovely burnt orange stripes on the post. So I recommend a vinyl coated mesh. There are some white ones out there but most are black.  The problem is that you really can’t pull Welded Wire tight over an uneven terrain. With Field Fence you have a little more flexibility on uneven surfaces. I would not recommend attaching it to the vinyl rail. If you find you need support at the 4ft mark between the post, use a garden T-post. They are shorter and easier to install than traditional T-post.No climb welded wire

Using fasteners

Attaching with screws

The screws must be stainless steel and I recommend a large flat washer similar to a Fender washer. It too must be stainless steel and because of its size, I would recommend finding ones that have been powder-coated or paint to match up with the post color or mesh color.

Attaching with Zip Ties

The other attachment method is industrial zip ties. I personally like this option because it does not drill holes in the post. And it is easier to attach to rails. You have to go to an industrial electric supply to find ones long enough. 5 inches on 4 sides of the vinyl post makes a need for a minimum of 24inches to get around the circumference of the post and attach to its self with one tie. Attaching wire mesh to wood fence would require measuring the circumference of the wood post to get the size of zip tie you will need. Also, the industrial supply version is wider and stronger. Now the bad news, there is no UV protection in the majority of zip ties you will buy. So they will get brittle over time and break.

It really is what you are comfortable with and your personal choice in the situation. I have also had one that just used the garden T-post, essentially making a fence inside the fence.

Ornamental Iron or Aluminum Fence

Our Puppy Panels are custom built for these types of fences. They can rack to follow the terrain and attach easily. It also blends in so well you don’t notice it even there.

Puppy bars retrofit