When Should You Hire Someone To Install Your Fencing?

A DIY fence install is very satisfying.

There is nothing better than standing back and looking at what you’ve achieved.

Showing off your DIY skills to friends, neighbors, and family is often the best part of the job.

Why then do so many DIY jobs go wrong?

The obvious answer for some people, myself included, is in not using the right tools.

A bad workman may blame his tools, but on many jobs, they should blame themselves, for not getting the right ones in the first place.

Before doing a DIY fence install, you should get these tools:

  • Cable Avoidance Tool
  • Post Hole Digger
  • Protective Kit
  • Fence Post Rammer
  • Tape Measure, Spirit Level, And A Builder’s Line
  • Electric Drill And A Panel Saw

Let’s take a closer look at how to get a great fence to show off come summer time.

Cable Avoidance Tool

When doing a DIY job, you need only hire a Cable Avoidance Tool.

In many, if not all communities, calling 811 will bring out Dig Test and they will mark many if not all lines for you in advance of your install.

It will scan the ground you are working on and give a perfect shot of what lies underneath.

There may be cables under the surface that no one knows of or water pipes which have been forgotten about over time.

Check before you dig.

It’s a good rule and one that could save your life, as well as plenty of money.

Post Hole Digger

When doing a big fencing project, the post hole digger will save you a lot of work.

An auger, as we in the game call it, will dig the hole and remove the soil for you.

The building of the fence will go quickly and your back will take less of a pounding when using one.

All the post holes will be of uniform size and depth, which ensures a sturdy and robust fence on your property.

Round Rail Wood fence

Fence Post Rammer

Try doing a twofer on a post hole digger and the fence post rammer. If driving most metal line post this is your tool. Many times it is known as a T post driver.

Your supplier may well give you a reasonable price when buying them together.

The fence post rammer is excellent at doing exactly what its name implies.

It will bury each post to the right distance in the ground and there will not be any need for you to be slinging a heavy sledgehammer or similar tool.

Tape Measure, Spirit Level, And A Builder’s Line

Essential tools for getting the fence straight, plumb and for building stability into the structure.

The spirit level will make sure the rails are fitting soundly.

A tape measure gives you a uniform distance between post holes, which will put less pressure on the joins, the rails and the posts. The Builder’s Line will help you keep the fence straight along the planned route.

If you are building on a boundary, you will need to stay on your side of it, always.

Electric Drill And Circular Saw

You never know when you may need to cut a rail or one of the fence panels.

Going around a corner or when finishing a section, you will probably always need to cut to fit.

The Circular saw will do a straight cut, in double-quick time.

The electric drill will make all the assembly work so much easier and quicker.

The two tools also take the strain from your arms in trying to cut and screw every post and join manually.

Any fencing job, big or small, will require you buying or hiring these two labor-saving tools.

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Protective Kit

The protective kit is as important as any tool on a building project.

The professionals will gear themselves before beginning the job and so should you.

Gloves, dust mask, eye protection goggles and protective clothing allow you to work freely, without harming yourself. A splinter in the eye could have you off work for a long time.

Even a cut to the hand or leg can do lasting damage.

Be prepared.

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