When it comes to choosing the type of fence you want for your property, you have many different options. You could go with pressure treated wood, for instance, or opt for metal. Even vinyl fencing is a realistic choice. However, few things compare to the benefits of a cedar split rail fence. What are those benefits, though?

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Split rail stack fence

One of the benefits you’ll enjoy is certainly the look and feel. With the right cedar fence, you get authentically split wood fencing, not fencing that has been sawn to look as though it were split. Red cedar is also undeniably beautiful, and when used for a stacked split rail fence, provides one of the most iconic looks.

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Cedar Split Rail is a Lasting Solution

Another benefit you gain is a long-lasting fencing solution. Red cedar is one of the most durable fencing materials and holds up very well against decay and degradation. Even left untreated, your red cedar stacked split rail fence will last for decades to come. Chemicals are not used to treat this wood, and yet it resists pests, fungus, and rot.

Cedar split rail 2 rail

You also gain a simpler installation process. Cedar doesn’t need any sort of protection in the ground, including cement – it can last up to 15 years in the ground, without any form of protectant. Of course, you can also configure your stacked split rail fence to suit a wide range of different needs, from livestock fencing to fencing for your home’s yard.

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The fence supplier you choose makes a great deal of difference. Make sure you choose a company with a reputation for quality products, environmentally friendly practices, and that actually splits their cedar, rather than masquerading sawn cedar as split cedar to get the authentic texture and look that you demand.